With their big test against the US
Eagles just a couple of days away, the Maori All Blacks took a break
from the training paddock and drew some inspiration
from a popular American sport that’s just as physical as rugby. Earlier I spoke to Rapaera Tawhai
in Chicago to get more details. From the rugby field
to the ice hockey arena where they were motivated
by the USA women’s team ahead of the Maori All Blacks clash
against the USA men’s rugby team in three days’ time. Observing the women’s ice hockey
champions of the world. This is home to the Chicago
Blackhawks ice hockey team. However today the venue was used
by the USA women’s team, the same team who won gold
at the last Olympics. Although the team is used
to contact on the field, they wouldn’t be seen on the ice
with these women. They were also shown
the Blackhawks facilities. As well as that they saw
the difference to back home. The Blackhawks are four-time
champions of their conference, a big inspiration
for our Maori team. From the ice hockey arena
to the basketball court, the Maori All Blacks
and the Black Ferns will head to watch
the Chicago Bulls. Tomorrow they will both be back
on the training field. That was Rapaera Tawhai,
reporting from Chicago.

Ice hockey inspires Māori All Blacks
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  • November 1, 2018 at 6:29 am

    I’d like to share this to my American audience and it would be nice for them to read in English our beautiful language.


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