So we’re getting on home, and spending time
with the family at five o’clock or so every day is enough time before my kids go to bed
— they usually go and do something fun. A couple times a week we’ll go and do some
ice hockey with my son. Daddy’s home! Yay! Hey, buddy. Hi! How’s it going? You guys ready for hockey
tonight? Yeah! Yeah?
Are you ready? Yeah? Cormac, can you help me with any of
these? I need some help, big guy. I’ll drive. Reese wants to drive. We started Cormac out when he was — how
old were you when you first started skating? Two. Two. I think we got him on his first set of
skates pretty quickly after he learned how to walk, but now how old are you? Four. He’s four, and that’s kind of when kids can
start skating with a group and doing actual hockey stuff. Good. Coming around. All the way around. And
when you get it, take a shot. Oh my goodness, you shot all the way down the ice! Holy cow! I guess I started skating when I was five,
and growing up in Alaska it was kind of the thing to do. And I’ve continued to play, even
as a doctor. Some of the guys that came out today are guys that I’ve met with my unit
that also play hockey, and it continues to be a big part of my life and something that’s
really important to me. It’s a misconception if people think that being an Army doctor
is going to be too busy to have a life outside of work. As this guy can attest, there’s times
where it’s busy and there’s times where it’s hard to make it happen, but for the most part
it’s part of the lifestyle of being an Army doctor that you get time with your family.

Ice Hockey with Family and Friends
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