If not for hockey, I could have been one of them I believe sport can be used as a tool to control it If kids go to the ground and focus on training, they won’t have time to indulge in anything else So if we introduce more sports, we can save our youth from these things It’s been quite a while since I have travelled across the state. But Punjab had acquired a name For instance, the physique of any normal person used to be so great. You felt good just looking at that But now, these things have become less so But if we improve facilities in these regions, promote sports and with a little more help from the government they’re already doing well the situation can be improved Some time ago, I had heard that at some academies in Punjab, a few kids were involved in drugs. Small children at local academies… I haven’t seen it myself but I heard about it two-three years ago It’s a very wrong thing. People talk about government but even they should understand. I can talk about sports and hockey. The censor board knows more than us. They know what to show. Even the way the director has made the movie I think they are more knowledgeable about this field than me But as you said, if they’re showing reality, then it should be shown. What’s wrong in that? If our youngsters, our youth can learn something from the movie then what’s better than that

If Not For Hockey, I Could Have Been One (Addict): Sardar Singh
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