[Ambient music] [Upbeat music] Alright what’s up guys Wes Ogsbury here
captain of the football team fifth year senior from Denver, Colorado. Coming to you live of Inside Harvard Football Season 2 episode 1. We’re gonna get some
episodes out for you guys every week and stay tuned. So this summer I had a
great experience down at Bristol Connecticut. got to go down there and
see the ESPN headquarters got to see a bunch of famous people down there got to
see my guy Trevor Scales but that was a really great time. So the squad is just
wrapping up pre-season right now we got game one this weekend University San
Diego we’re going out for a great one so it should be a good time, so stay tuned with Harvard football. We got some good things for you guys. BJ WATSON: Hey it’s Tuesday. What’s Tuesday? Tuesday’s juice day. Tuesday’s juice day! It’s game week. It’s game week man. It’s time to turn up. Hey, juice on me juice on three. 1,2,3 juice [Football whistles] [Inaudible] TIM MURPHY: Go! [Grunt] LOGAN JOHNSON: Good, good. [Inaudible] [Inaudible] [Football whistle] [Inaudible] TIM MURPHY: Well you start defensively you’ve got
six linebackers returning we’ve got five or six defensive backs that are
returning so that’s the strength of our defense. We got some young guys up front
who we really think can be special players eventually guys like Truman Jones, Jacob
Sykes, Chris Smith it’s just a couple of examples. And then on the offensive side of the ball I think we’ve got some good playmakers. Guys like Devin Darrington, Kym Wimberly, BJ Watson, Jack Cook, as just a couple of examples. The thing I preach to our kids each and every week
when we get ready to play, is we can beat anybody we play.
Not because we’re entitled to that we’re not entitled to anything, but we’ve got
the right kids in this room they’re well coached, and we will compete our butts off. [Upbeat music] BJ WATSON: Go time. [Plane ambient sound] What’s up everyone this is James Lee
junior offensive tackle for the crim. After six hours on the flight we finally
made it to San Diego A.K.A the happiest city in the world, my hometown, the best
city in the world! Now we’re gonna head back to the hotel
get ready for the season opener that’s in two days against University of San Diego.
Hope you enjoy this episode of Inside Harvard football.

Inside Harvard Football: Season 2, Episode 1
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  • September 24, 2019 at 1:39 pm

    I hope one day I’ll go to Harvard. I work so hard and save money for Harvard 🤷🏽‍♀️ (I’m from Germany)


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