During the Nogent tournament, a unique foreign team where here . The national team of Belgium Arriving a 300km trip, they finally arrived in Aube (french departement) to play at this tournament They were here to prepare the UWH world championship which will occure at Gold Coast (Australia) in 2020 In order to play together, this Belgium team was composed by different players which could be selected for the Worlds. We start the preparation for Australia It’s a very slow preparation, to let the players play together and know themselselves There is a lot of players from both sides of the country which don’t speak the same language and we wanted to gave them the opportunity to be together during a friendly environment between players who may be in Australia, this summer, and able to be here this week-end We have also players who are actually at Parma where there is also a big hockey tournament. So those who where not at Parma, came here The Belgium players faced the best teams like Fontenay or Neuilly but they also played against other teams with a very warm atmosphere The tournament has a good level, even if there is a gap between the teams but everybody is here to learn in cool and friendly games, it’s very pleasant About the results, the Belgium team reached the third place after winning against Sedan during the “little final” .

INSIDE : L’équipe de Belgique à Nogent
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