hello I’m Noah Finz for inside Yale
athletics sponsored by Under Armour many of the Yale teams have used team impact
as a source for new players while the hockey team signing a new player Jacob
Smith well congratulations Jacob now it’s
official Jacob Smith is a bulldog an official member of the Yale hockey team
for everybody to come together and support and uplift him today and put him
in the spotlight it’s just he’s he’s so he’s so deserving Jacob is battling a
gastrointestinal disorder actually a series of them that makes his life a
constant struggle struggles at least at this point no medication can cure and
struggles most of us can’t fathom he really felt like sometimes that he was
all alone and you know this shows him that there’s a lot of compassion and
love and that there’s so many people out there that care which is why the move by
team impact to connect him to the Yale hockey team is so profound for Jacob and
the Yale players think again against everyone all the guys perspective about
what Jake has been through and what we can learn from him before the official
signing the players saw a video on Jacob struggles you just get you know man watch the video and then heard his
mother express her gratitude to them and deliver a message to her son I want you
to stop and look around and really taking this moment right here now
because I never want you to feel so lost forgotten or alone in your fight every
day obviously very moving for all the players and rewarding to know they are
now in a position to help this young man who could use a diversion and some
teammates it’s good to get his story out and maybe make him feel like appreciated
in that you know that he truly is a warrior it’s nice because then you have
something to look forward to instead of like you know come home from
school home Jacob will be welcomed at Yale practices games and all team
functions he’s one of the guys to find its own cure and you’re curious for kids
just like him turns out I’m really good at anatomy and biology which is nice I
don’t have any trouble with that she’s good so the career path is like it’s
there so I actually followed that in the meantime he’s a member of the Yale
hockey team a happy day for his mom his teammates and him

Inside Yale Athletics Sponsored by Under Armour: Men’s Ice Hockey and Team IMPACT
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