As to the beginnings of Rugby, the tale that is commonly retold is that in England 1823, while playing soccer, William Webb Ellis picked up the ball and ran in to score; thus Rugby was born. Although oversimplified the story of Rugby has a longer history that traces back hundreds of years. Rugby has played by millions worldwide and after almost a hundred years has just been reinstated back in the Olympics While rugby rules have developed and adapted over the last 200 years. The spirit of rugby has endured Before getting into the complexities of rugby let’s look at a basic overview of the game. Similar to soccer or football, the match is started with a kickoff at which point each team tries to get or maintain possession of the ball and score by touching the ball and score by touching the ball down in the try zone. In this process players can only pass the ball sideways or backward not forward Although they can kick the ball forward at almost any time during the game There is an offside line similar to line of scrimmage. This line is dynamic and moves with play. Defending players can only tackle the player carrying the ball and can only tackle safely below the neck or shoulders. Nuances that make Rugby distinct, like Rucks Scrums Lineouts and mauls may look or sound confusing but are simply developments designed to maintain continuity and allow for fair contest, both of which are core principles of the game that we will cover later in this video. This unique sport is built by many values that are under siege in our modern age. Including: teamwork Respect, Discipline, Humility and Sportsmanship. These values define more than the game; they are the very flames that forge the player on and off the Rugby pitch. It is these values that drive every player to play their hardest and strongest the whole game down to the last second. Whether 50 points behind or 50 points ahead, the game is played at full speed to the end of the match. Not doing so is a disservice to the other players by not giving the best challenge possible and the best opportunity to grow and learn. When you hear a reference to Rugby it most commonly refers to Rugby Union, not to be confused with Rugby league, a version more commonly associated with Australia and England that has different rules. This channel will always be discussing Rugby Union unless otherwise noted.

Intro to Rugby (1of8) Rugby History, Values and Mode of Play [RugbyUniversity]
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