[upbeat music] [fans celebrating in New Era Field] Training students in the business of sports. [Nellie Drew, director of UB’s Center for the Advancement of Sport] Sports is a large part of our economy, and it’s not just in Buffalo. [fans celebrating in KeyBank Center] It’s true across the country
and even internationally. We developed the center after I discovered [students in class in the School of Law] through many years of teaching sports law that there were a number
of different people in different areas of university that were involved in the sports law space in some way, shape or form. We came to see there was this critical [athletic trainers taping up an athlete’s ankle] cross-collaboration area
that was not being addressed.[scenes from Alumni Arena during a women’s basketball game]. [MarkAlnutt, UB Director of Athletics] It’s very needed because the
sports world has evolved over the past, people might want to say 20 but I’d go back to even
the past 10 years. [cheering and players’ introduction during a football game at UB Stadium] How students athletes are protected. How student athletes have opportunity [a student shaking Alnutt’s hand] to advance in their career. How can they be a part of
such a growing industry [Quarterback Tyree Jackson passing during a UB football game] that faces challenges
that is not just specific to athletics. [Gerry Meehan, former general manager, Buffalo Sabres] Sports law tends to be
a word that doesn’t have a practical approach or application until you actually get into it. [UB law student talking in sports negotiation class ] In light of Mr. McAvoy’s
positive impact on the Bruins and his elite performance, it is undeniable he’s outperformed his contract value. [Meehan] The idea that it’s not just agents. It’s club lawyers. It’s arena lawyers. It’s people trained to work in all aspects [School of Law students in class] of the sports world. [Connor Entenmann JD’19] I worked with the UB athletic
department this past fall in terms of improving
the athletic department on behalf of the students and the coaches. [women tennis players at practice] [action at a men’s basketball game] and also advocating
for athletes long term. [Shane Costa, NFL sports agent] It is a growing field, sports. [scenes of Buffalo Bills game] And law will certainly ever
be present involved with it because it is a business. You need to not only have
the great education for it but you also need to network
and be able to have experiences [Costa with former Bills running back Fred Jackson] where you can market
yourself and your abilities. [Drew speaking, scenes of students in classroom] So if we harness our
resources and work together we are much more likely
to be able to secure externships, internships and eventually permanent employment for our graduates after they’ve had this unique
cross-disciplinary training, which nobody else by the way
is offering at this point. [UB logo]

Introducing UB’s Center for the Advancement of Sport
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