The line out The purpose of the line out
is to restart play quickly, safely and fairly after the ball has gone into
touch, using a throw in between two lines of players. The jumper The jumper has to move
dynamically into a position, from which he can easily be supported. He has to
keep his chest and hands up and bend his knees and explode upwards from a two-footed takeoff. While in the air, the jumper has to maintain a long body shape to ensure that both you and support players can maintain control and sights
the ball through the hands as he extends arms to catch. He then has to communicate
with his support players to ensure a safe return to the ground and make a two-footed landing bending at the knees. The support players in the line out Support players move with the jumper into space. They keep a flat back, bend at
the knees and keep the chest up. Maintain grip with palms towards the jumper and
fingers open, and return the jumper to the ground safely. Referees should check
that jumpers are correctly supported in the line out, players not being abandoned
in midair. Referees should also watch out for players who lever on an opponent,
players who hold or shove an opponent and players who illegally charge an

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