The scrum The scrum creates a tunnel,
into which a scrum-half throws in the ball, so that front row players can
compete for possession. The forces generated in a scrum can be considerable
and it’s therefore imperative that all players understand the correct
techniques for their position. Before the match all referees should speak to front
row forwards and scrum halves to explain the sequence of the engagement process. Scrum warm up activities Horse and Jockey Here we see a series of games which prepare players to play in the
scrum. Touch rugby with 1 vs 1 scrums Touch rugby with 2 vs 2 scrums Touch rugby with 3 vs 3 scrums Scrum warm-up activities and
posture in the scrum Proper technique should be thoroughly practiced as engaging in a scrum without this can cause severe injury. Keep a straight back
bend the knees and keep the shoulders straight as illustrated by the player on
the left. a poor technique as demonstrated by the
player on the right will result in a player having his head and shoulders
below the hips and shoulders that aren’t square. The scrum engagement technique
can be practiced on a scrum machine or by the appropriate players, who will be
involved in scrummaging during a game. Players in the front should keep a
stable base and their feet shoulder-width apart and bend at knees and hips. Shoulders should be kept above hips at all times. Players should also
keep a straight flat back. Keep the chin off the chest and look through the
eyebrows. The scrum engagement technique The front row should bind firmly and
continuously throughout and keep their eyes firmly on the target. To improve technique in a safe manner,
it’s best to progress from 1 to 3 to 5 to 8 player scrums, if possible using a
referee. Getting the timing, binding and posture right throughout the scrum
engagement sequence are key principles of competitive and safe scrummaging. In a contested scrum a loosehead prop
uses the left arm to bind onto the back or side of the opposing tighthead prop’s
jersey. The tighthead prop binds onto the opposing loosehead prop’s jersey
using the right arm. Props must not exert downward pressure and no player
other than a prop may hold an opponent. All players bind firmly and in
accordance with the laws throughout and until the scrum is complete.

IRB Rugby Ready – Młyn / The scrum
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