Taking the ball into contact Contact is inevitable at some point in rugby union. Using the correct techniques can ensure
ball retention and minimize the chance of picking up an injury. When taking the ball into contact, aim
for the space around the defender, not the body. Keep the chin off the chest and
the eyes open. Adopt a crouched position ready to drive up. Take a big power step into contact. Keep the spine parallel to the ground
and in line with the direction of drive. Keep your body between the defender and
the ball. Let’s watch the green player taking the ball into contact again in slow motion and real time. For further information please refer to pages 23 to 25 of the handbook. Going to ground in contact Avoid putting the arms out to break the
fall. Try to land on back side or back. Look for support throughout and try to
offload. Alternatively, try to land with your back
facing the opposition and play or place the ball immediately. Arriving players in contact All arriving players must enter the
tackle area through the gate. This diagram shows where the blue and green arriving players can enter the tackle area. The red lines show where players
cannot enter the tackle area. Only players on their feet may compete for the ball. If clearing or driving out defenders, keep the chin off the chest, hold head and hands up. Keep the spine in line with the direction of drive. Make contact with the shoulder, not the head. Close arms around opponent. Drive the player away from low to high
and clear the ball. Referees, make sure that the following
tackles are strictly punished: high tackles, tackles without using the arms and
tackles with one arm over shoulder height. Check for dangerous play while the ball
is on the ground and don’t allow the use of feet in close range of the head of a player.

IRB Rugby Ready – Wejście w kontakt z piłką / Taking the ball into contact
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