it’s called Yersinia all of the lights
in my flower there because there’s not like three missing first my dog was
she’s going to be as good his name how old is she she’s nearly 15 same age as
my youngest so how many kids have you got about two right they live with me
ex-wife how long were you married married said together twelve why did you
split up Jeremy Aspen no I don’t mind you asking all footballs may be led so
we’re sort of starting support the hook for me football did sort of come before
everything I was obsessed but it wasn’t just Liverpool as well it was like any
football so any live footballers on TV even it was a non-league football wasn’t
being proposed but know it dad and I think she always believed that
Liverpool were number one and Sheila number two it wasn’t the case I loved
her with all my heart I used to be like really massive to the point where I
could salt so yes no I was about that I was it like Liverpool loss and so I mean
that was something that would have led to arguments box in there 2009 was when
we broke up we had Christmas dinner together with the girls as normal we
went out on Boxing Day I always do watch football
I just looked at said but done out we and she said yes do you carry off yeah
oh yeah the environment being so obsessed with football we might still be
made to today I’ve moved on from that now Liverpool
lose I realized looking for Football Club don’t give it monkeys what Matt’s
doing I know but it took me a while I’m just gonna bow it ladies but make
sure you subscribe to get a regular serving of love and romance.

Is It Ok To Love Football More Than Your Wife? | First Dates
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