It was something new, I was a bit nervous and not really myself from the beginning, but it got better. We had a tough schedule lately, so we were a bit tired, but we wanted to win the group and we made it. The ice wasn’t too good, it wasn’t done again before the shootout, so the puck skipped my stick and I found myself somewhere else. I think I had one “really” strong shot against Frodl, that was it. How was the reception from the fans, wasn’t a bit too calm during the game? I’m no Martin Straka to make them cheer whole game, but I enjoyed that anyway and I’m glad we played here. It was even more special to play agains Pilsen here than the last week in Zug. So many familiar faces in the stands. I’m kind of glad it’s over now, because it was a bit too long, but I had fun and now we go on.

Jan Kovář after coming back to Pilsen with EV Zug
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