I’m a rugby player For me, rugby means commitment. A real commitment, to yourself, to your team, to your club, to your selection. A commitment filled with love for the colors your wear. This is rugby. From now on, you’re not playing with a teammate or a friend, you’re playing with your sister. Rugby helped me fulfill some of my biggest dreams, thanks to rugby I saw the sea for the first time, I took a plane for the first time, rugby gave me the most important persons in my life, I met my husband, I have a wonderful daughter, she loves rugby and already tells people she also wants to become a great player. For women, playing rugby not only means fighting on the field, but also outside the field, against prejudice. The main issue about rugby is the family, and the stereotypes they may have about it. Rugby is a sport opened to each and everyone, women, men, tall, short or thin people. Becoming a women rugby player means completely changing your vision of the body. It means being covered with scars and bruises, and always being proud of that. It means having well shaped muscles and feel very strong. When I wear my uniform, it is when I feel the most beautiful and proud. It’s telling people, often amazed, that yes, women also play rugby. It’s also when you take the bus and that little girl looks at you, and then she wants to be sporty, confident and as strong as you are. Around the world, women use their oval ball, as a way to fight against the stereotypes. And today, here we are… dreaming to come to France, all together. We are the Selection of the best players of Bogota city. Our dream? Participate in the biggest rugby 10’s tournament in the world and find other women rugby teams to play against in Europe. Support us. Throw that Long Pass at us.

Je suis une joueuse de rugby
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