– Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining us. Time to talk True Sport
with one of its ambassadors, West Coast Eagles superstar Josh
Kennedy. Great to have you here, Josh. – Thanks, mate.
– Let’s go back to when you were a kid and how important sport is to children and the lessons you might have learnt
growing up in Northampton, taking them into your professional life
and maybe even your private life. – Yeah, look, I think
one of the biggest things I’ve learnt, I suppose, in my junior career
was respect, and it’s something that’s earned,
you don’t just get it. And obviously,
being in a small community town, everyone’s helping each other and doing
a lot of things for each other, but showing respect to others
and getting respect back is something
that I found out pretty quickly and it’s something that I’ve tried to
take on into my professional career. – How do you think that sport
contributes to the WA community? – Oh, look, I think sport, you know,
all sports towards the community just bring a sense of family,
a sense of belonging, and almost little communities
inside the big community. And it gets everyone together,
it gets parents, kids, friends, everyone gets together down to watch
whatever local sport it is. And I think that sense of family is something that it really brings
to the whole community. – And what about sport in general? Are
there things that sport could consider to perhaps even contribute
to the community in a broader sense? We know that West Coast Eagles and other
elite sporting clubs really give back, but is that something
that could be considered more broadly? – Yeah, look,
I think the majority of sports, such as football and what we do,
obviously, we get out to the community and encourage everyone to be involved. Obviously, it’s something
that creates a healthy lifestyle and everyone gets out there
and being active. But I think just including everyone
is something that sport does. You know, a lot of our different types
of sports get out there and each little team, each little town,
it’s all inclusive and everyone can have a crack at it,
which is the best thing. And something that probably
sport does bring to a lot of towns
and a lot of different places is it brings everyone together
because it’s so inclusive. – So, Josh,
what, in essence, makes a True Sport? – Look, I think being a True Sport
is actually playing fair, it’s being safe, it’s being healthy,
because obviously sport is being active and getting out there
and living an active lifestyle. Probably bringing your best is
something, you know, always having fun and enjoying what you do
and bringing your best to the game. And the big one is probably
including everyone and showing respect, not only to your teammates
but to opposition, and also to your officials,
your coaches, and also the volunteers, cos there’s
a lot of volunteers in sport. – And so, with that in mind,
be it players, officials, volunteers, coaches, et cetera, it’s all about True Sport on the field
but also off it, as well. – Yeah, look, all those things
we bring up about being a True Sport, you know, playing fair, giving back,
being safe, being healthy, showing respect and including everyone, it’s not only on the field
but it’s off the field, as well, and that’s what everyone
should live their lives by, those values of being a True Sport
on the field and also off the field. – Well, Josh, your personal values
and actions reflect what a great member of the community
and the sporting fraternity you are. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us
today. You can go online to truesport.com.au
for more information. Josh, great to have you in the studio.
– Thank you.

Josh Kennedy True Sport interview
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