Hockey is the best game in the world! You get to skate really fast! You get to make big saves! Dangle. Snipe, and Celly! You get to make friends. Play in tournaments. Go on road trips. Swim in the pool! Yeah…the pool is pretty awesome! You get to watch the kids grow. Develop skills. Both on and off the ice. But most all, make memories. Memories. Memories that we’ll have for the rest of our lives. Memories we’ll ALL have for the rest of our lives. Its the best. The best. The best game ever! Hockey can bring out the best in all of us. All of us. ALL OF US! You, you, and you! But sometimes… sometimes… sometimes things can get heated out there. …and a little bit intense. That’s putting it mildly. Parents will yell at the Ref. Or the Coach. Or sometimes ever other parents. That’s not whay hockey’s about. Nope. You’ll sometimes see coaches yelling at other coaches, Or other players. That’s not what we signed up for! That’s not what you signed up for. At least I hope not. Our game. Our game. Our game, is better than that. And it deserves better than that. We’re all just trying our best. Our best. Our best to learn. To teach. To keep the game safe. To lead by example. To maintain the integrity of the game. But most of all. Most of all. To have fun! Fun! Fun people! We’re all just trying to have some fun out there. You remember fun. So get excited! Cheer! Yell, good things! Because we love hearing you. They might not always listen… …but they hear everything! Everything. So keep the passion Keep the energy. Keep the excitement! Just keep your cool. Keep. Your. Cool. Just keep your cool! Just, keep your cool. Just ‘Keep Your Cool’.

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