Aye Ooo ah I wanna know. Would you be my girl? So I’m heading in to go check out the
International Gay Rugby or the IGR Brunch event. Not sure what’s gonna
happen my guy Aaron Angelo he’s the one that set this up. I think it should be
really excited to be able to see it So, uh, lets check this out! So IGR is a membership organization of the LGBT, Gay and Inclusive rugby clubs all around the world We’ve got 84 member clubs all over the world So, we play all together in tournaments once a year One year we have our regional tournament, so that you are the USA And then the second year we have the Bingham Cup, which is our World Cup The significance of today is we have had the Japanese Rugby Union here to sign an agreement with us.
A commitment, more than anything, and to say that in Japan, in rugby, and discrimination
around sexual identity and sexual orientation or gender identification not
accepted. And that they will work to tackle any homophobia that’s in sport And we at World Rugby in our proud role That rugby is actively played around the world, as a sport for all It’s hugely important for them. That the highest sporting authority in the country in their sport say, this is a place
this is a space were you can just come play rugby It doesn’t bloody matter.
I mean, like it doesn’t matter what you are, who you are, where you come from
what ability age size orientation religion whatever, you can come play sport. And that is what rugby is all about These guys are really scared about what will happen If they come out as gay and they will be treated differently And that is fine. It is so important to them what we’ve done today with the Japanese Rugby Football Union I’m not gonna lie, that was a lot more interesting than I thought it was gonna be. Met some great
people. And then to see legitimately rugby changing culture with them signing
this memorandum. Rugby impact in ways that I don’t think any other sport
impacts in that way. Can’t beat that. Good times. Man, it’s good to be, it’s good to
be a rugby person. It’s good to be out and about Alright, heading out to Kumagaya Stadium.
Gonna go for this Argentina game. It’s a bit of a trip. It’s gonna probably be the latest i’ve been to a game, but, I don’t think it’ll matter to much. I’ll be
there about an hour and a half beforehand. It’s an early game so should be interesting. Anyways, let’s go! USA USA USA U-S-A My Jam

Knocking Around Kumagaya, Japan: USA vs Argentina (Rugby World Cup 2019)
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