I was in Oyonnax for two and a half season. 2014 and 2017. And I was in Japan before Oyonnax. For seven seasons. I think we were unlucky to go down to Pro D2. I think we played well last season. And I think this year we’re a better team. Than last year. With the new players that came in. And some changes in the staff. And the way we play, I think it’s better. We play better this year. I think the young players that come through
putting their hands up. And play well. And they are confident. When they play, they always bring something
to the table. He’s like my son. I am proud of myself. I can be able to play with these young boys. And still be able to keep up with their speed. But for them, for Nath, it’s a good opportunity
for him to show what he can do. And I think… I’ve been watching him at training. He’s training hard. I think he’ll be fine. No, I’m more like a brother. I don’t want to be seen as a father. I would be too old. Every time I see something I can help with
the young boys, I tell them. I’m happy to help. For whatever I can. I will, I want to! But maybe not in top European rugby. I don’t know. Before I was thirty, I thought when I’m thirty,
I’m done. But to be able to still be playing now, I’m
surprised myself. Maybe because I’m still working hard. I’m luckier each year. I think this season will be my best season
playing rugby. I don’t know. I want to feel what’s being old like, but
I haven’t felt like this. I feel like faster when I’m 36, than when
I was 20. I wouldn’t mind finish my career in Top 14. And I’m really looking forward to help the
boys and the team to go up. I think we have a better chance this year
to go up. It was a surprise that we lost that match. Because we prepared well for that game. After the first half, leading 20 to 3, we
thought we had the game in the bag. Looking to get a bonus victory. But, instead, Colomiers turned around and
win the game. But, after that, I think, maybe it was a good
thing for us that we lost the game. That turned us. The way we played two away game and win at
home against Aurillac was good… I am not sure. I am not sure if we had the same focus if
we had won Colomiers at home. I am not sure we would have won two away. I think we’re hurt, where we were hurt that
we lost at home. So we had to win. When we had the red card, most team would
just give up. But we did not. We were down to 13. And we still think that we had the card in
the team to still pull off the victory. But to win there was amazing and a good feeling. Good for the team. I did not know where it came from. That little jump. It worked out. But Aix was a good team. And to win there was amazing. When you go like this and you feel like your
alone, you have to pull up something. Hopefully, it works. And this time, it worked. Thank you. I think it’s just the way it is. Rugby. You can not be 100% every week. Maybe there was too much intensity in our
two away games. And we came home, and Aurillac had nothing
to lose. So the pressure was on us. But we managed to hold off and pull off the
win at the end. It’s alright, it’s good. I’m happy with the group that we have. The islanders boys we have here. We support each other. And make it easier for us so far away from
home. But it’s different. Cause in Tonga, there is no mountain. So you see a lot of mountain around. It’s always nice when I wake up and I can
see the mountains. (You ski?) Me? I tried, but… No. Yes, I used to go every time to Tonga. But now I have no more family in Tonga. Everybody’s leaving. My parents and my family are all in America
and New Zealand. We love to pray. We love to think that with our god we can
do what we do. So we’re always grateful and give thanks before
the game and after the game. No matter the result. Be always grateful for the opportunity to
play rugby here. And support our families. We always pray together with the islanders
in the other team and amongst us. We have some respect for each other. But it’s one of the game I want to play. Wether it’s over there or here. I always looking forward. No, with my age, it’s hard to move around
now. If I was younger, I wouldn’t mind to move. But now, I think I’ll finish my career professionnaly
here. And my kids… Change their school all the time, it’s not
easy for me. So I prefer to stay. Yes. I have some plans. Some things in my head. But I will show that later.

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