I’m Daniel Choquel, I’m 61 (not for long), I play hockey since I’m 13. A little girl in an electric wheelchair simply told me “I would like to play your sport and if I can’t do it and that you can’t share it, it’s useless to play it”. It was kind of a shock, she make me change my mind and mostly my way to see disability.
It bringed so much to me. I was a high-level sportsperson, one world cup, training for the Olympics, France team, France champion title but I stayed in a bubble and I admit that if we don’t share this high-level bubble, it’s useless. I know that some of them have problems with their lower limbs, I have two or three amputee people, I have sclerosis, I have tetraplegics. The idea is to welcome everyone. Yes ! Yes. That is to say, I had trouble myself getting to it, my wife told me “You’re not really sitting in a wheelchair, will you ?” and I told myself “why not?”
I discovered wheelchair hockey during a parasport show, I tried it and I immediately understood that this sport was interesting for me. Thus I have much more reflexes in my daily life with my wheelchair, I can easily climb on the sidewalk with my wheelchair et sometimes when I have to get on the bus I have much more energy since I’m playing hockey because I learned how to start quicky, how to brake, thanks to hockey. This sport welcomes everyone. Kids, well and able persons, disabled, men, women… We’re welcoming everybody. Gloves ! Gloves to roll. Maybe some tibia protections, the keeper has a helmet of course but we try to minimize the equipment. Long live wheelchair hockey !

Les petites victoires – Hockey fauteuil
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