[music]>>My name is Jeff Butler. I’m a senior at the McCombs School of
Business and I play wheelchair rugby.>>Jeff Butler has always been an athlete and was a starting
quarterback for his football team
until his life was forever altered.>>I got hurt when I was 13 in a car wreck. I was laying down in the back seat without my seat belt on. We ended up running through a stop sign, and we
got T-boned by a car right about where my head was. I ended up breaking my neck. Spent three months in rehab in St. Louis. And then California for another
four or five months of rehab. Found rugby when I was about 15 and kind of shifted my focus
from trying to walk again to just
trying to be good at rugby. [music] It’s kind of a hybrid between
hockey, basketball, football, soccer. It’s four on four. And it’s full contact. One team has the ball. And basically, the other team is trying to stop you from
getting to the other end of the court and scoring
by physically running their wheelchair into you. [music] We’re not playing sports to be inspirational. We’re playing sports because we
like the sport and we want to win. As a added benefit, it’s inspirational
to someone that’s great. And we appreciate it. But it’s all about the competition.>>Wheelchair rugby might be a priority
for Jeff but it’s not his only life focus. He’s been on campus since 2011 studying MIS
and has big-time business plans for his future. But that’s in the distance. Right now his immediate goal is working with UT wheelchair
rugby coach James Gumbert, trying to make the
Olympics, and keeping a unique perspective on life. [music] I get people who come up to me and say,
In your situation, I don’t think I could do it. And my response to them is, When you’re in the situation
like I’m in, it’s kind of like you sink or you swim. And you really don’t have an option. I mean, you’re swimming.

LHN Vignette – Wheelchair Rugby

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    Good on ya mate! Hold it strong!


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