How are you doing? – I’m good, how are you? – I’m doing good. Here, let me give you this. You can keep your money. Today is Lightning Strikes of Kindness day, so here at Dunkin’ Donuts we’re covering the cost of people’s coffee, donuts, bagels and some tickets to the preseason game on Tuesday. All right. Can you say “thank you.” Can you shake his hand? We want to get people excited about
Lightning hockey again with the season right around the corner so today is our
sort of splash in the community to do good and give back. We had Braydon Coburn and Ryan McDonagh working the drive-through window slinging donuts, taking orders. It’s going great. I feel like I’ve been in everyone’s car. Way harder than I thought. These guys
are working so hard. You’ve got a great system here. Ryan was better at the drive-through just because he fit. Braden’s a little too little too tall so having to duck out
the window with every transaction but they’re having a great time and you know
making our fans really happy. You want a donut?

Lightning players work the drive-through, give away donuts
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