We’re going to work out the steps. Will and I will be in the water,
so as soon as you get to us, you can stop and come to the tail of your board. You just want to slide on from the tail, so your toes touch the tail, like that. Just try that,
just go to the tail of the board, slide on. Standing up, if you do that.
And just bring your feet here. Even though I had a few lessons to learn how to surf on the sand, and then you think it’s a lot easier than… We went out there, see and have a go,
we all failed to be fair. The waves were twice as high as me, so we were scared at the start,
but once you got out there, had some fun, it was good. Even though it’s a pretty cold day here
by Australian terms, it’s still a lot warmer than it would be at home
and slightly rougher as well. I don’t think I’ll be changing
my profession any time soon. Definitely a lot tougher
than some of the boys make it look like. Justin Tipuric was pretty good, but then the two boys had boards
about three times the width of ours, it’s almost impossible for them not to stand up! It was a little mini boat! Doing things like this and getting out and about, have a bit of a crack,
that’s what touring is about.

Making a splash down under – The British & Irish Lions swap rugby for surfing on Bondi #LionsHSBC
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