>>Yeah!>>There’s a hole here.>>Oh my goodness!>>Look how big!
>>Should I step inside?>>Hey guys! It’s Karina.>>It’s Ronald, and we’re from
>>Sis versus Bro!>>And today, we are back
with another, slime challenge!>>This time we’re going to the picking
from the box slime challenge.>>Ow.>>But this time we’re going
to be picking, six colors! You heard me right! Six colors, not three, six!>>Oh my goodness.
>>So we’re gonna make bigger and better slimes.>>Exactly.>>Yeah.>>So let’s get
teleported over to our seats.>>So guys as we said before, we’re
going to be using six different kinds of glues here in our slime. So that means, our slime’s
gonna be pretty amazing. Also, they might be pretty terrible.>>And big.>>Yeah, they’re gonna be pretty big. Twice the size of what we usually have.>>Okay, so. Rock, paper, scissors, who goes first?>>I like cheese. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!>>Ha!>>I’m going first. Alright, I’m going to close my
eyes and Ronald is going to mix up the glues a little bit, so.>>Ninja moves!>>Are you done yet?>>Yep!>>Alright. So, this is my glue number one.>>Glue number two.>>Glue number two.>>Glue number three.>>It’s upside down.>>And we dig deep for the next one. Glue number four.>>Glue number five.>>Nice. Nisa, nysa, nisa, nice!>>And… glue number six.>>Green, yellow, pink, and blue.>>Interesting, I guess.>>Okay so, you’re gonna mix and match. And I’m gonna close my beautiful eyes.>>All right. All right. I think it’s done.>>Glue number one. Number one. Number two. I’m gonna dig deep for this one. Where is the one I’m looking for? Oh this. This feels great. Okay, glue number three. I don’t know which ones to take. Glue number four. Glue number five. And the deepest one. Glue number six.>>Do you like your selection? Of glues?>>It’s amazing!>>So guys, I got two glittery blues. I got one plain green, a clear green, I got a glittery pink and a glittery yellow. I don’t know- what this is
going to turn out. I know these two are going to make teal
or aqua or turquoise or something like that and these two
I don’t know what they’re going to make like, they might be brown.>>Light pink, bright pink. Yeah.>>I don’t know. We’re just gonna have to find out.>>Okay. So, what I’ve got is a silver glitter glue, red glue, red glue, a gold glue with glitter, a purple and a glow in the dark! Yay! So, what do you think is
gonna happen from this? I’m gonna put my
glow-in-the-dark at the end so it goes all over it and it glows in the dark. Chibi don’t get that.>>So guys, we are ready to add the glue. Chibi is in my bowl so I don’t know how I’m gonna do this. Chibi, you don’t want glue on you. You need to go. Sorry, you have to.>>I’m just going to add myself. Okay, you go aside.>>I’m done with my clear green,
now I’m up to my regular green.>>Okay, I put gold side I’m
onto the two reds now. And, the silver fell in. And, the gold fell in. So next, is my red.>>Okay, now I’m finished with my green. I’m adding my blue. So far, my slime is looking pretty okay! Sort of.>>So far my slime is
looking pretty decent.>>All right, I’m done
with one of my blues. And now, I’m gonna add my pink.>>I have a total mess here. Ah!>>So, I’m the pink is in and
so far it looks pretty okay. Because I got a pink and pink,
makes everything better.>>So, I washed my hands. Ready to move on to the glue.>>Which is red. Very interesting.>>Now, I’m going to add
my yellow. Look at that. It looks like a rainbow.>>But it’s not. More red coming in, savage like usual.>>Yours so far, looks pretty…>>Awesome.>>Crazy.>>Oh, it feels so good! Comes out so smoothly.>>Alright now I’m gonna
add my very last color, blue.>>Okay now it’s time for
my glow-in-the-dark glue! It’s gonna make this slime so much better. Ohhh.>>I was feeling my slime will be
green cause I have a lot of greens.>>Looks like it. And I think mine is going to be brown but it’s glow in the dark, so. Need to pile as much glow
in the dark as possible.>>So guys, right now comment down below. What colors do you think we’re gonna get.>>Don’t cheat!>>All the glues are in. And now it’s finally the time to find
out what color our slime is gonna be.>>Let’s go!>>Okay so I’m gonna mix mine first. I’m nervous.>>Green. Green.>>Is it gonna be green?>>I think it is gonna be green, actually.>>Green is taking over!>>I added so many other colors and it
turns out it’s going to just be green.>>Savage, little green. Okay, time for my slime. It might actually be red or purple. Or gray! It’s turning darker. I just, it might be a swirl of colors. No colors savage enough to take over. Mostly red and white. And then on the sides
there’s some yellow. I guess that’s my slime color. It’s kinda looking good, I guess.>>My slime, looks like goo. So guys now it’s time
to add the activator! Let’s get started. I was about to dump it
all in but I’m like Ronald, slow.>>It could be super strong
so you have to go slowly.>>Duuuuuuuuuump! I got a second bottle.>>I guess I’m gonna dump too!>>Ooooooh!>>But not all the way. I’m gonna be on the safe side. So I’m mixing my activator
and the slime is starting to form.>>Actually, my slime has a pretty nice
color but need to mix, and mix, and mix.>>So guys, we’re just going
to keep on mixing our slime. And we’re gonna do a slime
reveal in three, two, one! So guys, our slimes are ready. Check it out. Mine looks actually pretty cool. It kinda still looks like goo, but it has glitters in it so all is okay.>>So guys, this is my slime. It’s a really nice
glittery pink-ish color. It’s very stretchy too.
I really like how it turned out. It’s also really heavy and big
because six glues into one slime equals heavy and big. So guys, if you think my
slime won, comment down below. #PinkIsAwesome.>>And if you think my slime should win, comment down below, #GreenGoo.>>And guys, there’s a bonus. My slime glows in the dark
so let’s test it out. Three, two, one! Kind of. The bottle glows more.>>Your slime sorta glows.>>But more than yours.>>I guess it doesn’t glow that much
because five bottles against one glow-in-the-dark but a little tiny mincey bit. So, it definitely should win.>>So guys, right now we’re
gonna mix these two slimes together to make one big slime. And we’re gonna try to make
a bubble on the floor.>>A huge bubble.>>A big bubble.>>Okay so the moment of truth. I’ll put yours on top of mine.>>What? Dun-dun-dun-dun! Ahhh! No! Slime! Now this is gonna be not
glowing in the dark at all.>>No, it won’t at all.>>This looks ugly.>>It does.>>This slime is kinda mixed. Let’s do the bubble now! So guys, we’re gonna make the bubble
with our dad, to help us! All right. So let’s go!>>Down!>>Let’s try again.>>All right. Three, two, one, go!>>Ugh!>>Come on!>>Okay let’s do it guys.>>Now. Woah!>>That was so big! One more time! But let’s make it last. Alright, let’s do it again.>>Don’t pop it! Don’t pop it!>>It’s so cool! No! Oh my!>>This is so satisfying.>>Oh now it’s broken.>>I love that, let’s do it again!>>Yeah!>>There’s a hole here.>>Oh my goodness! Should I step inside?>>I’m gonna step inside. Three, two, one. Yeah!
>>Oh yeah!>>What?!>>I wish I was inside!>>Wait wait wait wait! Don’t don’t don’t!>>Three, two, one!>>Yeah! That’s awesome oh it’s so big.>>Can we jump over it? I’m gonna try jumping over it.
>>Yeah jump.>>Over it. Oh wait, I’m going to try it.>>Oh you really did it.>>Yeah!>>Wait, Karina.>>Ronald! You got your socks in it!>>Okay ten points for you.>>Ten points.>>Your slimey socks.>>Yeah>>Guys! Look at this! The balloon is so big!>>Is it possible to jump over?>>I don’t even know but
I don’t know if we should try.>>Cause it’ll [inaudible]>>I see a hole!>>No!>>No!>>Aww.>>Three, two, one!>>Oh yeah!>>Oh look at that!>>It’s huge!>>It’s got big holes.>>Now.>>Let’s go!>>Whoa! Save the bubble.>>You saved the bubble.>>Okay jump up your->>Ohhh!>>So guys, we hope you liked this video. If you did, smash that like button! And we’ll see you all next time! Good bye! And don’t forget to comment
who had the best slime.

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