(Music) It’s very humbling, because when I was at this school, and I was in the classrooms you’re sitting in, I had no idea it would be like this. What I’m trying to do now, is help
this city get back to where it used to be. Any one of you in here can make a difference.
It starts at home. And once it leaves home,
it starts at school, it continues at school, and then it goes out to the community. and you would be amazed, what every one of you could do, by lifting this school, lifting your home, and
lifting this community back up to where it used to be. It is my pleasure and true honor to present this ball to Pacific High School. It’s a beautiful ball. It really is. It’s nice.
You’ve gotta check this thing out. On behalf of the National Football League,
and the New York Football Giants, I present this to Pacific High School, my alma mater,
the Golden Football presented to Pacific High School. (Cheering) (Music)

Mark Collins NFL Gold Football Presentation

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