Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Good Times with Craig McMorris. How’s it going? Today we have a very special guest. One of the most accomplished slopestyle and big air athletes the world has ever seen. I’m very proud to call him my younger brother: Mark McMorris. Mark and myself are very, very competitive, especially when it comes to competing against each other. It ramps up violently, if you will. So we’re going to have a couple of friends out here, play a very unfriendly game of stick and puck, and see who comes out on top. Loser has to cook the burgers. Should be a good time! I don’t know, why are you giving me left-handed? Oh yeah. I’m right-handed. Our mother’s name is Cindy McMorris. When you have two young boys that eat a lot, you gotta go to Costco. And this is what she bought in bulk. These are Welch’s grapefruit snacks. Literally, this is how we’d eat them. Then we’d play mini sticks. Let’s go tie up the skates, do some kinetics. My faceoff percentage in my beer league team
is ninety per cent, so…. Wow. Doing up the skates. Mark’s going to tape his twig, here. Twig is Canadian for stick. Do you want to tell them the story about the
most traumatic toe-freezing incident? We were out there, just gettin’ rad on
the rink, and I just stopped feeling my toes. Taking my skate off was literally the most excruciating pain I’ve ever been through for so long. I didn’t think I was gonna have a big toe anymore, to be honest. Should we go play hockey? Yes. What did it feel like to have six months of
no snowboarding? It was tough being hurt, but everything becomes
more clear on what you really care about, and what you like. I want to work super hard so that I can just enjoy
what I love with no obligations when I’m done. Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Okay, Erica, short shifts! Oh my God, I’m dying. Oh no! We need to play more of a north to south kind of game. We’re playing east to west. Oh, Mark McMorris answers right back! Backcheck, forecheck, pay cheque, boys! Lot of battling going on, here. Everybody’s happy, though. You’re good. Owwww! That is not soft. It’s a rough game, man! This is the funnest thing you can ever do. Playing a super fun game of hockey with your
friends on a beautiful lake. It doesn’t get any better than that. Again! That wraps it up. That was a lot of fun. Thanks for having us out here, man. We’re not usually this awkward. Thanks for joining us on Good Times with Craig McMorris. And Mark McMorris. Go get yourself a rink burger.

Mark McMorris vs. Craig McMorris in pond hockey | Good Times with Craig McMorris
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