So Hi, hello, I going to propose to my girlfriend Petra. We are coming on the ice right now… …so keep your fingers crossed, hope she will say: “YES I WILL MARRY YOU” come closer…come closer… you see? Mascott… Mascott: Where is your girlfriend? Stressed voice: Hello, can you hear me? So Hi Hello, my name is Michal and I am planning to do the crazy thing for my girfriend right now. Mascott please leave her in centre Petra I´ll tell you a couple of privat words off the microphone Transparent: “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” So I want to ask you a question… WILL YOU MARRY ME? FANS SHOUTING: LAPO (my nick name :)) Petra: Yes I will 🙂 Fans shouting: You are screwed, you are screwed 🙂 Commentator: Important things happening right now during the pause game in Banská Bystrica Not so important for the match, however important thing in the life of two mates Live marriage proposal during the game pause with happy end Yes that´s it, hockey shall connect people and I wish them good luck Transparent may indicate it is multiple proposal however it is not so let we wish them all the best CONGRATULATIONS Big thanks to: HC´05 Banská Bystrica, Atila Béreš, Silver Taxi, Caffe Bar Station, Ladanza – Richard Potocký, Fanklub Ultras Iskra, Lukáš Lukoniè, Leoš Turèan, Ján Uhrin, Marek Palan Made by Lukáš

Marriage proposal on the ice hockey match in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
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