I’m John Leyden, I’m the Academy Strength and conditioning coordinator here at Geelong Football Club I’m directly responsible for our Academy strength and conditioning. So our first two third year players. On a day-to-day basis, it’s implementing their training programs, so their football and their conditioning loads and then also what they’re doing in the gym. It’s important to get a Master’s in Applied Sports Science from Deakin, because of how competitive the environment is now so there’s a lot of people coming in, that want the jobs in high performance. To add the layer on top where you get a lot more learning, and a lot more practical application through the master’s program. It just holds you a little bit higher on the pecking order when trying to go to those roles that are the dream roles. Going through a sports science course there’s a few different paths that you can go down. There’s the high performance management side, which is a little bit more managing an overall program. There’s the research side, which is obviously performing research and adding to a program that way. Then there is strength and conditioning coaching which is the path that I went down. And then there’s performance analysis as well. All of these, the Deakin Applied Sports Science Masters currently ticks off. The Masters of Applied Sport Science is a really good options for people that are currently in the industry, it’s super flexible in terms of when you can get your study done, so that means that you can be out you can be active, you can be coaching, and whilst you’re doing that, you’re obviously getting some theoretical knowledge as well through the learning that you are doing through Masters. Because of the Geelong Football Club and the Deakin partnership, students get a real hands-on experience dealing with high performance athletes. It’s a unique experience that a lot of people don’t actually get the opportunity to do. So, by studying at Deakin, that’s something that you get really good experience with. Sport science is just going to continue to grow. I’ve seen it grow in the last seven years, since I’ve been in the environment. Every club that we talk to, they know how important its is. It’s just a part of the program that’s just really important. It makes you make good decisions when you’re dealing with the athletes on a day to day basis.

Master of Applied Sport Science at Deakin
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