yeah you have a couple of roles that you
play which we’ll talk about coming up in a minute but you are a multi-sport
athlete in high school has that prepared you for kind of what you’re
doing now and tell us what you played in high school
um i played field hockey and I swam competitively and soccer and then in
college I also swam in college I was a two-sport athlete in college multi I
think it just gives you that time management
multitasking balancing things out kinda manage the chaos you know and it also
just makes you a stronger athlete like I could relate on so many different levels
to my athletes and that they’re going through because I’ve gone through it
maybe not even in field hockey but through soccer and use the line I don’t
want to hear that they’re done yeah I’ve done my dues and just what your other
role is at bridgewater college athletics I’m a deputy title IX
coordinator I’m also a work study coordinator and more recently will
be working with the Student Life doing some things as well too
that’s talking about your athletes understand you’ve have 58 have been all
academic in the conference but at least how’s that impact recruiting finding kids who
understand the importance of the academic side of truly being a
student-athlete first things I mean when I do recruiting this of course
thing I’m looking at is kind of GPA and SAT scores and I really want to make
sure that they understand that for me academics are first I was a Division
three athlete in two sports and that that’s gonna be
the priority there’s no professional field hockey after college and you know
finding those athletes that are dedicated to their academics but also
look for an extra challenge and playing you know a varsity sport for college level
those those are the athletes that I that I want that I want to get less that’s
what I want to bring to Bridgewater so I think finding the right finding the
right student athlete with a student being the first part is always my
priority than here and then it’s just kind of giving them the tools to making
sure that they have what they need to be successful so it’s gotta be good in the
classroom what skills do they need to have what do you look for when I come in
to feel like I’m gonna be a believer in the basics and just having a strong and
fundamental you know those strong fundamentals you know stopping
the ball running our feet certain way playing defense those are always the
things that kind of touch my first is not necessarily the then athlete who is
completely polished I do like my diamonds in the rough because I like to
develop those athletes that see how they improve over the four years and kind of
the other thing I tell them is it you know you’re gonna come
and the girls what happens or nobody here and for your anything best field a
good player that you can be depending on what you put into it you know they put
everything into an arts dedicated and yeah we kind of go wrong with that in sports
so a little bit polishing like having a good understanding the basics i do like athletes who have a background background in soccer because they tend
to understand spacing a little bit and there’s various a lot of similarities between
field hockey and soccer we just throw it off but yeah those are
kind of that’s who I’m looking for is you know somebody who does the little
things better than everybody else on the field it has like kind of that
understanding that drive to become better field hockeys not prominent here in the valley so where do you recruits and then
looking for the diamonds in the rough do you have sort of off the beaten trail
maybe into smaller communities where they would play when it wants to work
yeah I mean I think this year our freshman class coming in is is very
strong we have about I think of our starting lineup three of them are
usually freshmen and a lot of them who didn’t play in the club system they’re
coming from a high school system so that’s kind of where I try to find some
of those times and the multi-sport athletes who maybe dont
put the money into doing travel field hockey getting that extra training but
they’re playing soccer swimming softball volleyball whatever it might be maybe
running cross country whatever that that’s time where I tend to find
those those diamonds in the rough that that had to put the attention on
the child I’ve seen the more polished players are usually coming from the club
system you know field hockey it’s not here in the valley hopefully it will be
there soon so Charlottesville Richmond area has
gotten a Virginia Beach but I also really like to go I like to go
to go to Pennsylvania Delaware and Maryland so I’m always surprised at how
many Delaware girls that move you end up getting but that’s a great little place
to find especially the division three minded athletes because there’s really
only one division three school in Delaware that sponsors field
hockey so they’re looking to come someplace what’s the breakdown this year
seems our experience versus so we’re pretty balanced I think I think we have
you know we have our seniors and our juniors who are predominantly on the field we do have a couple freshmen and sophomore who are stepping up and finding some roles or
anything it’s the leadership of the senior class so if they’re some of them
who work on the field all the time but their leadership women on the sidelines
think they’ve embraced their roles and they’re trying to find new roles so
encouraging things like that I think the hardest thing I have two senior
goalkeepers and such a specific position you don’t know you
know it’s going to be and it’s hard to kind of sum that position as well too so
what I love is when one of the seniors has been okay you’re gonna
be my starter the other one is on the sideline when we score a goal she’s the
one gettin high fives to everybody you know cheering the loudest embracing that
role of being the supporter on the sidelines so they’re also usually the
first person to talk to halftime you know tell me the team what they see I
really encourage kind of reserve players to do that to kind of be the eyes the
eyes and ears for for the girls in the field and like
tell them what’s going on what they what they might not be aware of
we’re pretty balanced and it classifies and we you know and
anything that’s good for returning to that never seems like oh we’re going to
be losing the senior class you know the strength of the freshmen and that’s kind
of like okay the next class is already ready to kind of step in and take over a
final question your home I think next weekend both Saturday Sunday you got
two days back-to-back talk about those opportunities yeah I mean
I think it’s great I think we started our schedules real tough and I kind of
did that on purpose to sort of get us prepared for the rigors of the
conference play in October so I think this weekend the teams we’re playing
they talked about they’re coming from Kentucky so they’re coming from you know
they’re gonna have that coming in I so centre we play on
on Sunday they have a tough game before us you know and then we’re
playing Transylvania on Saturday and I think you know every game we get better
and better and better so I’m expecting especially having four days to prepare
for this weekend it should all start coming together just a lot of things we
appreciate thank you

Meet the Coaches Night- Ally Kenyon, Field Hockey
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