ATTENTION GAMERS! Grab your controllers because it’s
another year! Which means new sports video games! Everyone wants to know: Who are the cover athletes. This year we have: Eden Hazard of Real Madrid Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs and Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers. But we’ve left out one man. A man who’s an American phenom. The man who leaves you speechless, on… and off the ice. The man on the cover of
a game that’s won at least twenty six awards. I say at least twenty six because
that they haven’t updated that since 2015 that man is Austin Matthews bets a us tom oz ton because he scores a ton of
gold he’s the new cover boy of NHL player and
this was revealed to the world at the 2019 NHL Awards earlier this summer
please welcome the new cover athlete for EA Sports Austin Matthews sidenote yeah
that’s a black hockey player he was the cover athlete from last year black
people play hockey – so why did he a pick’em simple probably for his
electrifying scoring touch or his slick sense of style I got his
rebellious attitude I’m gonna break down exactly how these attributes led this
highlight-reel machine to this moment but before we get there just wanted to
uh get his latest look maybe this will distract people from the hairline but
before we get there let’s talk about who austin matthews is it all starts with
one word non-traditional not traditional is the word that’s been used to describe
hockey in Arizona since forever that’s where Matthews grew up more to an
American father and a Mexican mother Arizona was home it’s not exactly a
hockey hotbed it’s just hot tea it’s not like growing up in Toronto or Michigan
where hockey’s run in the family for generations
he’ll Matthews his parents didn’t even know about hockey until it was like four
years old according to his dad baseball was his best sport growing up he loved
the fast pace of hot and according to Austin men from Arizona it was different
yes my friends favored football well basketball they asked why hockey
and I figured why not that’s ultimately what he chose I don’t play baseball
slows he absolutely idolized the Phoenix Coyotes his favorite players were Daniel
brière and Shane dome fun fact Matthews was actually at the game where Ovechkin
scored one of the most iconic goals in NHL history and watching that moment
live was exactly what got him into hockey right he actually fell in love
from watching this thing as am bony the thing that literally cleans the ice
between periods now I’m not one to judge I really not but I don’t know how a
Zamboni made him go wow I really want to play ice hockey now that’s some galaxy
bring shit and you think that people started noticing right away that he’d be
like the next one like McDavid or across but it’s not what happened and in fact
no really heard of this guy until he’s playing for the u.s. national
development program at 16 years old he started getting national attention and
even got featured on for having a Southwestern background and in his
second season Austin Matthews broke the u.s. record
for most points in a season and instead of going into Canadian juniors or
college like everyone else does he opted for a different route he chose to play
his draft year in Zurich in the Swiss league against professional men some of
whom were actually xkh elders and personally I think that was a great move
for him developmentally it’s not like I really had any trouble either tip flops
teaches fine that deciphered super Kentucky – Kay you
betrayed me bah dentist Alliance given to instant
malecite and it’s all he went alone he won with his mom my boy finished second
in the league in points per game and MVP voting has an 18 year old that blows
away anything I was doing at 18 all this hype around him led him to being known
as the number one prospect for the 2016 draft come to NHL draft in 2016 in
Florida Austin Matthews went first overall to
the Toronto Maple Leafs and Leafs nation got their guy and they went nuts so nuts
that they even made a song after with full night costume at or the first
time I heard this I was just like Austin now as per tradition immediate try to
draw up the drama between Matthews and Patrick line a the finished super star
that was projected to go second they were like oh or the who that Lisa going
to take the wing over the center and ultimately Matthews was the right choice
because take a look at his rookie year and the very first game in the NHL I scored four goals and that was the
record for most goal in NHL debut everyone in the league
took note he even undressed Erik Carlsson one of the best defenseman in
the world for one of these goals it’s unfortunate that you know I end up being
on all these commercials now but yeah looking back at it it was obviously a
big deal for it or not only him but everyone but of course the Leafs to lost
that one haha ever watching that game live and being so amazed that I tweeted
out some stupid shit like oh my god I am so glad I was born in 97 what a great
year to be born as if that has anything to do with anything he didn’t stop there
though cuz during his rookie season he ended up breaking the record for most
points and goals by a Leafs rookie and setting the record for most goals by an
American rookie ever that performance led him to winning the Calder Trophy for
Rookie of the Year plus he made an all-star appearance and has been at the
all-star game for each of the three seasons he’s played so far dudes an
absolute sniper those of you who are really familiar with hockey centers
which Matthews plays in to score more assists and set up other people rather
than score goals but Matthews is a pure sniper with one of the most signature
shots in the league with a hundred and eleven goals in two
hundred twelve games that’s the third-fastest score 111 him
the cab era that puts him with names like Ovechkin and Stamkos this is why
the leaf signings with five years 58 million dollar contract with an average
of 11.6 surive for cap hitch this contract will make him the highest-paid
hockey player in the league next season with all that cash that funds his
passion for fashion I don’t mean I guess at six three models it pretty well okay
I know some of you ladies just sat up in your seat a little more it’s calm down
get relaxed relax unfortunately hockey’s still pretty
conservative about you like being a show-off individuality having a soul but
often Matthews it’s changing the game player like Matthews are really
important for sending their own styles having their own individuality and
personality something that I think hockey players definitely more of
because everyone knows hockey players have so much personality
I mean Matthews has always been doing things differently because of that old
school hockey people give him crap fur is rebellious goal celebration or not
being a quiet leader and then he did this in Chicago I couldn’t believe he
did this and it’s somebody got to him but as usual Matthews does not give a
shit I mean you really can’t be given shits if you’re gonna rock one of these
so these reasons Austin Matthews was the perfect candidate for the cover of EA
NHL 20 in my opinion in the reveal trailer they pretty much highlighted
someone who had every reason not to play hockey but did anyway because that was
his path that’s Austin’s way of living I respect that so much because I really
resonated with it something that I can relate to something that I’m trying to
do with this YouTube channel to me that’s the perfect face of gel okay
thanks so much for watching this video all the way through if you made it to
the end well welcome to the completion Club it helps
the channel a ton if keep watching liking and subscribing so any sort of
support is very much appreciated let me know if you think Austin Matthews
is the right choice for this year’s cover do you agree I think there’s
someone better that should be on here let me know I’ll be reading all of your
comments and responding to as many as possible it’s not really hard when you
only have okay anyways lots of fun hockey content
coming your way super exciting stuff I’m I’m excited for delivering it to you I
will catch you in the next one

Meet the Newest EA Cover Athlete | Auston Matthews #NHL20
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