If you’re looking for a festive starter, then this molten camembert sticks will be just right for you This is a festive starter, we’re going to make some oozing melted cheese sticks from our camembert, and then serve them with some oranges which we’re going to turn into a sort of spicy relish. So to start with let’s get the relish on the go, we need a shallot.
Yep And very very finely peel and dice that, and over this side I’m going to cut our oranges into segments. So what we need to do is take the top off, the bottom and then cut around the pith to get rid of both the skin and all the white bits, because that’s the bitter bit So are we making what are essentially posh cheese sticks?
Posh cheese sticks
Yeeaah Shot of oil into the pan, just enough to soften our shallots and then you can put all your dice in there. Now because that shallot is nice and fine, it won’t take long at all. Just finish off our oranges, make sure you get all the juice out of there as well.
And if you missed any of this, you can watch it in our skills video on the website That’s very true How to segment, zest and skin Whilst I’m finishing off this, Barry do you want to get all the panne-ing ingredients ready…
I would love to! We’re going to cover our cheese in breadcrumbs So the usual flour, egg, breadcrumb Ok
And then season the egg really well with salt and pepper What I’ve also got is a pan of oil coming up to temperature here, we’re looking for 180 degrees celcius If you haven’t got a deep fat fryer, this is the alternative… Just keep an eye on it. What if you haven’t got a temperature probe? You can test it with a piece of bread, put it in and it will just start to fizz when it comes up to temperature It takes about 30 seconds to turn into a crouton And then you know it’s ready If it takes longer and absorbs too much of the oil, then it’s still too cold. If it goes black too quickly, then turn the heat off because you’re getting too hot. Now that the shallots have softened, I’m going to add in all of our orange segments and the juice into the bowl And then we’re going to add all our other flavours. Now this is relish So you want sharp and sweet, ok? So about a tablespoon of white wine vinegar That’s the sharp bit, sweetness comes naturally from the orange but also about a tablespoon of white sugar And some spices. Now we’ve got two spices Allspice so it’s a berry, little pinch of that it’s quite strong. Two cloves so they can go in there.
When you say allspice, does it mean it has all the spices? No no, allspice is a berry Pinch of cinnamon as well, and then we just leave that to bubble away until it reduces right down to a sticky sticky mess.
In the meantime camembert. Ok, so a French cheese, very very oozy and gooey in the middle That’s what we want.
Is that why we’re picking it, because it’s an oozy cheese?
I love it, and it melts really really well so we’ll fry it You’ll have crispy outside breadcrumbs and almost molten cheese in the middle Would brie work as well?
You could use brie… You can use which ever cheese you want It’s completely up to you. But certainly a brie or a camembert, soft cheeses are better. Traditionally you’d cut it into wedges you’ll get little triangles. But what we’re going to try and do is make cheese sticks and then if you can go through the process of flour, egg and breadcrumb. And then to make sure that nothing leaks out when we fry it, we’re going to have to do egg and breadcrumb again. So it’s flour, egg, breadcrumb and then egg and breadcrumb.
Ok. Because our oranges are really soft and don’t have the pith, they break down perfectly Final ingredient, little bit of marmalade in there as well. And as soon as that’s mixed in We can let the whole thing cool down. It’s going to be served cold like a relish So we’ll put that into the bowl and let that setup to serve with later on. In the meantime we can start to fry some of our cheese sticks Lower them very carefully into the oil, away from yourself so you don’t get any splashes It’s 180 degrees celcius
Look at that! And they need about two minutes, roll them every so often so they don’t catch on the bottom And then we’ll have our molten cheese sticks.
YUM! There we go, that’s all it needs… A couple of minutes, golden on the outside. Just dry them off in some kitchen roll. Ben, you look nervous.
Yeah What are you worried about?
These are always a bit worrying because you’ve got to make sure the casing keeps the cheese in as it melts They look fine to me!
A little bit of our watercress going into a fantastic pot you saved there Two of our molten cheese sticks, and some of that relish that already cooled down. Now that is a starter to be proud of. It’s our baked camembert with a spiced orange relish… SORTED! Dig in, have a dunk! Mmm they’re so good! That is going to be really bad for me, isn’t it? Love that relish and of course, if you cook any festive recipes at home we want to see photos of them. So upload them to Facebook.com/SORTEDFood


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