Girduckis back up top to the high slide
will it down your wall Valenzuela will come up with a
gate Valenzuela walking in as it And 3 – nothing — as it intercepted in front Cameron. Sean Cameron
on the back end of that beautiful feed Brown drifting behind the net
trying to evade the defense. Brown in front. Oh and he gets decked at the end. Eric Brown. Brown coming up with it feeds it back to Valenzuela.
Valenzuela far side Brubacher be deprived — There it is! Throw your hat on the ice. yes sir his team has a lot of potential,
can have a really good future but I think you know unless we can correct our
penalty situation and from tonight but also the past 2 games that no one
really witnessed, I think that could be an Achilles for us and our some of our
puck management decisions at times which which I think every team’s always working on
and then we’ll continue to work on that but it was the penalties that were the
most disturbing and we’re just lucky that they couldn’t get a goal or get any
kind of momentum because a little bit deflating but having said all that to
win 6-1 at home and homecoming is still something that’s tough to accomplishing
and it puts us in a good frame of mind>>It feels good but to be
honest it feels better getting my first homecoming win. It’s my senior year
and what I accomplished today was that win and it didn’t come necessarily easy you know
we got the penalty trouble in parts of the game and we didn’t play our best
in other parts of the game as well Like coach was saying sloppy puck management and stuff like that but we were able to hold on to the lead that’s something we need to focus on and keep trying to do over the course of season. because if we want to be
a championship team we’re gonna have to hold on to
wins in the third period

Men’s Hockey: RIT vs Colgate 10.20.18
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