>>My goodness! Twenty three seconds remaining in the power play.>>And miss hesitated just a second but missed it headshot.>>Brown! Scores! Eric Brown takes a shot right at the end. Eric Brown gunning it out on that power play first 27th of the season.>>And this goes long outlet pass to Charbonneau. Charbonneau going in, Charbonneau fishing it off and goal.
Beautiful play by a Mercyhurst that’s number twenty-nine Michael Verboom.
We’re tied at 1.>>Fifteen remaining in the power play. Brown jockeying for position down low as Valenzuela works his way to the point. Here’s Norrish back to Brubacher, a pass! Where is it? It’s in the net! And the Tigers credit Brown again!>>Watch this, well done.>>Oh off the post.>>It did go off the post.>>Oh and then, definition of what you would say on the Kind of a curvy-ish goal from Brown. That’s why he camps out in front, John.>>Half that’s coming off the ice it’s gonna lead to an opportunity. Here we go, it’s coming in. Anderson. Anderson shoots and scores! the Tigers get caught in a line change…>>Fans starting to get antsy with the clock winding down as pow! Back to Abt. Abt fire, score! That’s the senior Matt Abt giving RIT a
3-2 lead.>>Just trailing Adam Gaudette of North Eastern by one goal, and out of position is Drackett and we are tied. just a few seconds off of that face-off.
that Sienerth is third goal of the weekend and we are now tied at three.>>walking in the back hander, in front and it’ll be clear. Chase Norrish lost his stick and he has to get back, there’s a two-on-one the
other direction. In front going in and scoring! Getting behind the defense
that’s number 21 Joseph Duszak.

Men’s Hockey: RIT vs Mercyhurst 2-24-18
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