(guitar music) – [Flight Attendant] Pleasure
to welcome aboard Michigan State University group flight to Ithaca. Meanwhile your air flight is 51 minutes we do expect there to be a
few bumps in the climb up upon the arrival into Ithaca. Once again, welcome aboard. – Hey man, you got fishing gear ready? – More like a barn I’d say. Corners are pretty deep,
it looks a lot older. – A little bit more rickety
than mine, but it’s gonna be a fun atmosphere to play in that’s for sure. Wooden benches, we’ll see
how it goes this weekend, but I’m expecting big things out of us. So, we’ll see how it goes, they got ice. – Outside, then D will come up. This guys gonna come
up, get in the middle. – [Cameraman] Should we stay in front? – Hang around. – Hey! – [Cameraman] Come on! – Game day tomorrow, baby, let’s go. – Hey guys, I’m just enjoying
a nice steak with my teammates and getting fed my food. – Just feed everyone all your potatoes. – Having a really nice night here. – [Man] Dude you’re gonna have none left. – May try this cocoa bean. – Sorry, I had a mouthful there. Taj was feeding me, making
sure I’m ready for tomorrow. Get my carbohydrates in. (fast paced beat) – [Announcer] And good
evening everyone, welcome live inside Lynah rink in
Ithaca, New York before the Big 10 visitors, the
Michigan State Spartans. They come in one and one and just the eighth all time meeting
between these two teams. And we are underway Cornell
and their familiar home whites. Tipped away by Saliba,
he is all by himself coming down the left wing into the zone, Saliba, he shoots, scores! Sam Saliba short handed
gives the Spartans a lead. Lewandowsky and Cesana, Cesana gets it up. Goal! Cornell with the
interception, Hirose takes the back of the blue line, drives down to the base of the left circle, then a goal for Michigan State! Taro Hirose puts one in, a little wrister from the base of the circle,
three to one Spartans. Stevens between the circles, goal! For Michigan State, Brody
Stevens goes upstairs. And the Spartans lead at four to one. Hirose drives down to
the top of the circle, dishes left of the net and it’s tipped in. Michigan State scores! Cody Milan, the final horn will sound. The Spartans have knocked off number eight in the nation, Cornell here
in Ithaca this evening. The final score Michigan
State five, Cornell two. – Yeah, baby! – We’re gonna do better
again tomorrow night, we’re gonna be better. So let’s take care of ourselves now. Hey, great job everybody
keep sticking together and that’s a real big win. (clapping and cheering) – This is our virtual reality goggles and you put ’em on you can’t see anything. There’s just a bunch
of pucks movin’ around and they light up and you gotta follow the pucks and it’s
helping your peripherals and just your overall vision. – You know there’s defenders
coming from behind you it helps your decision making. – We keep score of who is in
the lead right now Kamer’s in the lead so everyone’s gunning for him. I’m coming for you Kames. I’m coming for you. The crowd cheers and if you get it wrong they’re gonna boo you, so. There’s a lot of pressure. It starts off really slow
and then it gets so fast. – Oh, boy. – It’s nap time. – Alright boys, we came
here to get two jobs done let’s finish up the job and
have a nice plane ride home. – Go green on three, one, two, three – [All] Go green! (heavy beat) – [Announcer] Good evening
everyone and welcome to the James Lynah
Skating Rink on the campus of Cornell University as we get ready for Spartan hockey round two. Michigan State versus Cornell. After you win on a
Friday night it is always more difficult so we’ve gotta take that lesson and transfer it here and be prepared right from the top of the puck. And we are ready to get
underway here at Lynah Rink. I’ll tell ya what I
think Michigan State has more energy right now. Into the middle, shot and
a save by Lethemon, wow. The shot here from a steep angle and Patrick Khodorenko hooked a top shot across the body of
Golida and over his hand. Slammed it, got it up top to Osburn. Osburn throws from there, loose. And shot and a goal for
Michigan State, Logan Lambdin. Got the rebound and pushed it past Golida, the Spartans in the lead. Al Sturnegon front of
the MSU bench, in and now he’s starting to see a
little bit more confident, quick shot and a goal,
Mitchell Lewandowski rifling it home from the
right face off dot and just as you felt that
wave coming and that top line out there, they’ve proved lethal. Hirose picks it up,
Hirose down the left wing, tight shot, goal for Michigan State! Taro Hirose pulled the
trigger and for the second night in a row Michigan
State cases Matthew Golida out of the net. Trying to bring it out they do Baron through the neutral zone,
dishes off of Vanderlon his shot save made John Lethemon. And this one is over, the final score Michigan State four, Cornell three. The Spartans with the sweep on the road against the number eight
team in the nation. (cheering) – Get the brooms out, get the brooms out! (cheering and chanting) (heavy beat)

Michigan State Hockey vs Cornell | Spartans All-Access
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