My name is Nicole. I have three children. All five of us play hockey,
including my husband. It’s a pretty unique thing. So this is my husband’s hockey bag,
my hockey bag … Every day of the week,
there’s usually something, whether that’s hockey
practice, hockey game. … We’ve got Isabel’s hockey
bag, everybody’s covered. I started playing hockey
because my son was into hockey. He was having a tough time. It’s sometimes a tough sport to learn, especially when you’re
learning how to skate. And I’m like, well, I know it’s tough. You gotta learn new things, you gotta get yourself out there. And the more I talked about
it, the more I thought, well maybe I need to try it too. Knowing that I wouldn’t have to get into a fight or get checked, I thought, let’s go for
it! Let’s at least try it. First time I was on the
ice, I was scared to death. I think I fell multiple times, but the women are always
very, very welcoming. They’re willing to help, “Hey, great job.” You know we’re all scared
at one point in our life. You know, most of us are moms, so the fact that I’m one of
those few that play hockey makes me feel a little special too. The kids, um, they pretty
much think it’s hilarious. After the first game I
played, I asked, “How did I do?” And Luke immediately was
like, “Mom, you’re terrible.” “You really need to skate better.” I was like, oh, that’s
nice, thank you, bud. My favorite hockey player is my mom.

Mom Hockey: Nicole’s Story
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