So talk about the team a little bit, so
we’re a little bit on the younger side we finally got at the solid senior
class so we’ve got that leadership going but we’ve got some good talent on the
younger side with our freshmen and sophomore class. To expect this season
you know we’re really looking to go out there and kind of surprise some people
you know win some games that people might not think we’re gonna win and
really show what we’ve done and how we’ve improved the last couple seasons. I’m really excited for the Catholic game
it’s our senior day and they’re always a
really good opponent so that’s exciting. I’m also really excited for the Catholic
game I feel like it’s always an impossible game and we really come out
and show our true colors and play really well together. So preseason practices have really been
fitness focus and high-intensity focus. We’re looking on you know we’ve got a
little bit smaller squads or we’re looking to be really fit and ready to go
and have that high intensity and kind of working on those small little touches. So
this summer we had a workout packet from Coach Laurie and we stuck to that as much as we could did our own running and I worked out at a CrossFit gym at home. I
worked out at a gym called Soldier Fit it’s a lot like CrossFit a lot of
stations and cardio and just different lifting and I also ran and did a couple
other like cardio sports. I mean this summer I know a couple of
times the team some of the team members got together here at the turf and met up
did some stick work and we kept in touch to the summer and our Group Me too.
We had a designated day where we kind of introduce ourselves, introduce our
interests talked about what we were doing to prepare for the season and we
talked throughout the summer in the group chat with all of our teammates.

Moravian College Field Hockey 2019 Season Preview
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