Cheese snacks and that’s it… “Healthy”. Come on, Romas… Don’t start… OIl, cheese… Nothing, but vitamins. Here look at this… Hello, everyone, and today we’re making “Healthy” Cheese Snack. Romas… Ha-ha… Veryga [Minister of Health of Lithuania] will get
when he sees you. It says “MO” here. Where is “Romas”? There wasn’t enough cheese, MO… Ha-ha-ha-ha… By the way, guys, if you would like to support our channel,
we’re selling these handmade wooden boards. So, I’ll leave a link for you to check out, if you want. We’re adding all spices in. And mix it. We’ll pour some water in. Cover the cheese stick in batter. Here. Then into the bread crumbs. And again into the bread crumbs. Little Romas, they have some sort of different material in the egg. But the larg… Largest part is still the water… Okay. Okay. Tell us what you are doing. We’re going to put into the freezer. We’re doing it as my master Chef says. Okay. So… Did you close it? Good. Not for long, Romas, for about 15 minutes and that’s it. Okay, Lady, I have a question for you. Where can I get these wonderful wooden items from? There’s a link below. Yes. If you are interested, you can check them out. Oh, Jesus… Your bottle is really heavy, Romas… Next time I’ll buy 10 litres, MO. Okay, you can buy it, if you can pour that much in. Okay, I’ll pour some oil in. Okay that will be enough, Romas as we’re not frying a lot of
them. We’d better fry them 3 times. There’s no point in ruining the oil. “Take it out, MO”. Can’t you do it yourself? Cheese snacks have been chilled and now we’re taking them out
of the freezer. And we’re going to deep fry them in the oil. Should I put them in, MO? Put them in. Okay. Will you film yourself? Yes! Okay, just be careful when adding them. Add the other one in. Learn it, Chef! Mhm. Make this dish since you wanted it… Add the other one in, little Romas. Let’s see how it looks under the light… Yeah… We cannot see anything… You know, just boil them until they are nicely browned. So, maybe 3 minutes or so. But it really depends. They are beautiful, MO! Okay, MO, let’s try them! Please, take the one from the top. Okay, take the one you want. I’m taking this one. Okay. Eh… He-he… MO? He-he… Macaroni… Yes! Here. Heh… It’s a game for children, Romas. They would eat, if you made them. Mhm. It’s tasty snack! It’s tasty! You can play a game who stretches cheese the most. Who pulls out the longest macaroni. Mhm. Don’t you want some? Your mother will fry them… Nuh-uh. What? Romce? No. Here look at this… It’s not bad. Mhm. It’s worth making them for sure. It’s worth doing, isn’t it? Thank you, MO, for making it! You are welcome for thinking of it. Thank you, viewers, for watching! Thank you for subscribing liking, subscribing, commenting. And those who haven’t subscribed yet, be sure to do that. Do that. Yes! Press the bell, so you wouldn’t miss any new videos! So… My grandmother and I are going to continue making them, because
they are so tasty! Thank you so much for watching! If you enjoyed the video, you know what to do. Hit that like button and share it with your friends. If you are new here, you can start subscribing and hitting that bell notification button, so you wouldn’t miss any future videos and maybe consider checking the links in the description below, if you would like to support us or buy some of the stuff featured in the video. Until next time! Goodbye! Cheers! Okay, MO, the name is going to be “Healthy” Cheese Snack. Come on, Romas… Where do you something healthy here?
It’s not healthy at all! Heh… Cheese snacks and that’s it… “Healthy”. Come on, Romas… Don’t start… OIl, cheese… Nothing, but vitamins. He-he-he-he-he… Heh… “Healthy”… Veryga [Minister of Health of Lithuania] will hit your
forehead, when you see what “healthy” means. Heh… Heh… He-he… … whoop your ass… Heh. heh… He-he-he-he… Hi, everyone! Hello, MO! Hello! On this episode we’re making “Healthy” Cheese Snack. Hah… He-he-he… “Healthy”, Romas…

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