>>Tom (Wheelchair Rugby Player): IT’S LIKE BASKETBALL MEETING SOCCER, OKAY. AND BUMPER CARS, ALL AT THE SAME DAMN TIME.>>Eric (Wheelchair Rugby Player): EVERYBODY GETS A CHANCE TO PLAY. [applause] ♪ [energetic music starts]>>Lars (Wheelchair Rugby Player): JUST TAKE THE HIT. [rugby wheelchairs collide] [rugby wheelchairs collide]>>Yellow Team: COMMON YELLOW! [rugby wheelchairs collide] [rugby wheelchairs collide] [rugby wheelchairs collide] [rugby wheelchairs collide]>>Courtney (Volunteer): WAY TO GO LARS! [rugby wheelchairs collide] [rugby wheelchairs collide]>>Courtney: COMMON JIM! [rugby wheelchairs collide] [rugby wheelchairs collide]>>Courtney: COMMON LARS! [rugby wheelchairs collide] [rugby wheelchairs collide] ♪ [“MSU Fight Song” playing]>>Tom: JUST WORKING OUT, THAT’S THE ONLY REASON I’M DOING THIS. ♪ [“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor plays]>>Tom: YO, MY ARMS ARE TERRIBLE. MY ARMS SUCK.>>Karly (Volunteer): YOU’RE DOING GOOD.>>Corie (Volunteer): THIS IS JUST FOR YOU TOM. [volunteers laughing]>>Tom: YO, I DON’T NEED THAT. I DON’T NEED THAT. [volunteers laughing]>>Corie: SHOULD WE TAPE HIS LIKE?>>Conner (Intern): YOU’RE NOT GONNA TIP. ♪ [suspense building]>>Dave (Wheelchair Rugby Player): UNDER CONTROL, MEANING IT CAN’T BE BOBBLING. YOU CAN HAVE IT PINNED AGAINST YOUR WHEEL, THAT COUNTS AS CONTROL. YOU CAN HAVE IT UP HERE, BUT AS LONG AS YOU GOT CONTROL OF IT, THEY WILL COUNT IT AS A GOAL. ♪ [energetic music starts]>>Red Team: YEAH!>>Karly: COMMON KEN!>>Green Team: WOOOHOOO!>>Courtney: WOOOHOOO!>>Courtney: WOOOHOOO!>>Conner: YOU BETTER GET THIS ONE! YOU BETTER GET THIS ONE!>>Green Team: GO HAMDY! GO HAMDY!>>Karly: GET IT! GET IT! WOOOHOOO! ♪ [energetic music begins to fade] [loud wheelchair rugby collision]>>Black Team: OHHH YEAHHH!!!

MSU Adaptive Sports & Recreation Club: 2015 Wheelchair Rugby Clinic/Tournament Highlight Video

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