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A movie by Tamás Haskó and Ernõ Kerekes part 16. – Searching for Carps with Stick Mix Well, say something, my friend!
I cannot say a word! It had so sensitive bite, but the rod has stopped in a curve in my hands! Wow, how big kicks it is making! The rod is in a circle, the fish is pulling the line… It will be a good fish! In the meanwhile I have to play the fish really carefully, although it is not in the rules here, but you know, more and more of us use barbless hooks now, and I have a barbless size 6 hook on my rig now, thus I have to play the fish very carefully! It does not give distance too easily!
No-no, not at all! I don’t even see the leader line yet.
I can feel that this is a good fish by the way! I mean it does not have such greedy runs, but slow and sluggish. That’s not a problem, we came here exactly for these!
It is pulling it now too! The leader’s knot is here…
We have been waiting for you!
…this means that the fish is exactly 15 metres far from us! But it is well visible in this clearing water! Well, I think it is time to land it already! Wow, how beautiful you are! This is a good size, Tomi!
Not bad! Wow, how good size this is!
Not bad!
Nice! I will hold the rod for you!
Thanks! I could not even ask for a more beautiful or better thing than this wonderful, sunny weather and these beautiful carps that couple with it on this late autumn fishing trip! Ernõ took back the end-rig, and now let’s see why we are here! We chose such a destination for this trip on which neither of us have fished before. This is an intentional decision, since we were curious to find out how we would be able to solve the new task with one of the 2017 novelties of Haldorádó, namely the Record Carp Stick Mix. I am convinced that this new product will offer lots of new possibilities not only for boilie fishermen but also for the feeder anglers as well! It seems that fish are also partners in this, so in the upcoming few minutes we would like to share as much useful information and advices with you in connection with the Stick Mix as we can, in the interest of you to be able to apply this product as successfully as it is possible! Until we are waiting the arrival of the next finned, let’s have a look around where we exactly are, where we are fishing, and what one needs to know about the Lõrintei reservoir?! The overall area of the lake is 26 hectare, which consists of one upper smaller lake, and a lower bigger lake, on which we are fishing now as well. The water depth of these varies between 2 and 5 metres. These two lakes are stocked intensively twice a year, since an anglers’ association is working on it. The fishing regulations were created in a way to favour boilie anglers at the first place, that is why we also have the opportunity to use a boat to carry in our rigs, this method is allowed on both sides but only to the bisecting buoys that are located in the middle of the lake. The boilie fishing regulations of the lake is identical with the rules of similar lakes, thus the use of big-sized, tightly wove mesh, boilie landing net, carp mattress and antiseptics spray is strictly obligatory. Of course lake shore camping is licensed, and also the use of boats for the purpose of feeding and carrying our rigs in. Accordingly, we could have fed from the boat twice a day, in the morning and at night, and we could have located leaning buoys as well, but we did not use this option. The main reason for this is that the calendar is showing late autumn now, the water is not so warm, its temperature is around 10-10,5 Celsius degrees only. Carps do not feed as actively as they did in the summer months, thus we would not like to wait for them to find us, but we would like to find them and catch them right there where they are dwelling at the moment! We are going to take in our Stick Mix sticks to the area which is working better, since one can catch the moving fish with small and concentrated feeding in this time of the year. A big feeding could have an alarming effect already! This will not be a bad one either! Look at that! I feel a very good weight! It is approaching very slowly. Thanks! It really liked my particular combination! One piece of 24 mm spicy wafters cut and turned against one piece of Big Fish Pop Up boilie also cut a little bit. It is worth have a look at the fish’s mouth how brutally thick it is, it is sure that these lips were not growing up on corns, but on many-many clams, which also can be seen here on the side of the water. Another spectacular common carp, but I hope that there will be some bigger ones as well! This PVA stick has come into the picture many times before, which is the protagonist of today’s fishing as well, which we created from a new product that will come out in 2017. This is no other than the Haldorádó Record Carp Stick Mix! I believe that this is the product from the Haldorádó Carp product range which development consumed most of our time and energies! The main reason for this was that we had it in mind what we would have liked to see under the water, and we needed to find those ingredients, and also the perfect mixture of them, that the end product would work 100 percent the way we had expected it! Since we were talking about ingredients, it is worth saying some words about them in detail! They were collected with great care, made of the best ingredients, which can be identified one by one since they are visible. We defined the size of the particles also in a way that they should be just ideal that is, not too big and not too small either, but all varieties should suit the given aroma flavour perfectly. It was a very hard task to work out this product range precisely, compose, and test it, since it will be available in all flavours, but I can state it for sure that we did not work in vain on this Stick Mix! No matter whether we are talking about feeder, or boilie carp fishing, everyone will be able to find the suitable type for himself in the assortment, it will help its user to catch many beautiful fish! I think, Ernõ have summed up the essence, but let’s see it in practice what it really means, what the criteria of a perfect Stick Mix?! As I take the packet into my hands and open it, I can find a lumpy particle-sized, dry material, which sinks very well in this stance as well, because it includes pre-treated components. It can be put into the water like this, in its dry stance, there is no need to add any aroma or liquid to it. The main essence of this is that it surely will not dissolve the PVA net, since we did not add any water to it, but almost the entire quantity will sink down to the bottom, thus they will remain close to the bait, where they will raise fish’s attention! Its most popular use is to fill it into a PVA net. We can us it either drily or even combined with Carp Syrup, we locate this on our rigs, so we are going to offer it right next to the bait. If this is ready, it can go into the water! It is apparent here in the aquarium too, how good its sinking characteristics are a few particles rose only because some air got stuck into the PVA net, but that will also sink down to the bottom! Here you can see the delicious crunchy particles… All of them are on the bottom, only the rig is missing from near it! And the carps!
They will come! Aha, it seems to be a good one! Dusk did not bring any outstanding result, but as soon as it got dark, the first curious carp of the night has just arrived! Should I prepare the landing net! Where is it? Opposite, but not too close yet. I can see only the colourful line yet. It is approaching quite slowly, it is not that hasty type of fish. Come on, you can go earlier! That is what you thought… 🙂
Well, it did not think it the same way! It is in a very good condition! Yep, the knot came in! But it is just under my other line…
Come over here! It always asks back and back… So, what will happen?! Lest it pull it back until the knot! The clear water is a great help in this case! Come here, that’s it!
Well, this is ours now! Ernõ someone is waiting for you too!
Wow, hold this quickly! This bite is not like yours was…
It unhang it! It unhang it indeed, Tomi! It is swimming with it!
It was hungry! Hahaha! Well, this time I was left alone without any help, Ernõ is in serious work now too. But well, this should be our biggest problem! The most incredible thing in this is that the rig was put down about 100-120 metres far and the fish still pulled down some more line! And now it is swimming towards me. It stops once in a while, jumps about anxiously once or twice. That’s it! Give it back to me, please, it will be better for you as well! Yes! It is here, closer and closer! It is closer and closer but still it is getting further away! Can I come with the landing net, how are you progressing?
It is an old, sluggish creature! Do you hope so?
Well, look, so far I have already seen that it is scaly! Ah, this is not beautiful, this is huge!
But we should land it as soon as we can, lest it goes away! Wait!
Wow, how big this is! It is not easy!
Got it! Not yet, now!
Wow, how wonderful it is! But we have it! Yes indeed!
Oh-oh! Wait, I think we should hold it on two sides!
Look, let’s try it this way! Hold it there! Let’s take it up to the cradle at once! Just don’t jump out now! One above 10 kg and one above 20 kg!
Not bad! Can you lift it up? Well, tell me something my friend!
I cannot say a word! How easily it came out… Then it fought back hard near the shore, but now it is believable! It is an experienced, old player!
Very nice! We need a bigger cradle, don’t we?
If we continue to do it like this! What else will happen today?! Oh my God! This is rough!
They are truly very beautiful! We take a quick photo and let’s release them immediately!
Very quickly! That’s right! You should go now!
And start! Who is going to get home earlier?! Mine is still leading!
There they go!
And yours is following it fast! We got stuck here under the umbrella, this is the result of the record heat of the morning. Probably this cold weather change was pushing in front if it that higher temperature. Now we are going to retreat to our tent and wait for the further developments of the night! I would like to show you too. Here is the radar picture. Behold! I believe that there will be more rain during the night! Good morning to everyone, we have been through a very exciting night! Weather has played a little joke on us, since yesterday’s sparkling sunny weather turned into a harsh rainfall that has lasted for the whole night. This is visible on the water level in our boat too, roughly 30-40 mm rain fell on us during the night. It was exciting indeed! Fortunately the night have not gone by without any happening neither! We managed to catch some beautiful fish, so now we are going to refresh our baits and mix some resupply in. Since the wind at night moved the water a little bit, we are going to change to a new, sweeter flavour, we are not going to force the fish and the spicy tastes only. As we have demonstrated it yesterday as well, the Haldorádó Record Carp Stick Mix can be used effectively by itself too, no further aroma is necessary for the use of it, but in this transitional period in the interest of successfulness we are going to mix it with a little Carp Syrup now! It can be complemented very well with this highly dense aroma. We don’t need much from this, basically just a hint of it, thus it will dissolve on the bottom of the water well and the PVA stick itself will not be soggy neither! This amount of Syrup is highly enough in total! And now I am going to blend this nicely! It seems to be dry now, but I will work together the lumps with rubbing movements, and then its consistency will become just optimal! This is just perfect now! The essence is that it should not coagulate, it must not become soggy! In this way it will start working very fast in the water too, and it will attract fish next to my rig earlier! The two Stick Mixes has been prepared already, I would like to give one more useful advice to it! After the mixing with the Syrup I usually put it aside for a while, in order for the particles not only to be covered with the aroma, but for them to drink it in as well! This time will be just enough for us to take out the water from the boat and also to refresh the rigs, but in the meantime we will show you one of my nightly carps which arrived in the heaviest rainfall! This is the first mirror carp of our trip, which might be a leather carp since there are only 1-2 scales on it scattered. And of course, when did it come? When the rain is falling the most heavily! But still, this is the first mirror carp! Nice! So now I am going to fill a PVA! We chose the thicker size, since we are talking about carrying our rigs in with a boat. For casting the thinner one would be enough too. One thing is essential that we must use tightly woven mesh! As soon as we fill it in, we must tamp it down in it thoroughly, for it must have stiffness! We hold the net with our thumb, and press it with the other hand, this way it surely will not break apart! I take out the tamper, I pull it approximately one centimetres long, and twist it tightened, in this way we will surely create the hardest sausage possible! The knot can follow now! I pull it to tis root… It is worth mentioning that I usually do not tie the other knot onto the end of the PVA immediately, because, you know, we are talking about a big sausage and it is quite difficult to tie it. It is much easier to tie it at the end. The rig is ready for action already! I would like to use one piece of pop-up on this rig. This bait will be a Big Fish flavoured one! This bait will not be offered in the usual way, I have prepared a little more extraordinary rig. This has proved its effectiveness yesterday as well, we managed to catch numerous beautiful fish with it. This is a very simple loop end-rig, which basically stands in the water like a Chod system leader line, with that slight difference that basically the whole rig consists of only one loop and it ends with a metal ring. I am going to put on my boilie to this with the help of a fluorocarbon line. First, I lace the line through the metal ring, then I take the end doubled. I hook this into a thin baiting needle, in order not to break my pop up boilie apart. I lace it through here, I pull it quite near here and cut down the unnecessary line end. Then I start heating the ends together with the help of a storm lighter. The two threads of lines will melt together and I will heat it until I reach the edge of the boilie. Here I blow it out and flatten it. This is what the end-result looks like, it is a perfect stopped! When I saw this end-rig for the first time I had some doubts, that the pre-heated, melted line would have some kind of odour, and that it would blunt the effect of the bait, but reality shows that it does not have any annoying effect. It is working perfectly in this way, I have already caught many beautiful fish with it during yesterday! On my other rig I prepared a dissolving-squid combination, thus there is a great deal of contrast between the two baits. We will try it out soon which one of them will be more sympathetic in this weather! I would like to pull in both rigs at the same time, with the help of Ernõ, while I am heading in with the first one, he is going to hold the rod from the shore, and I will pull out the other one from the inside nicely! Although Ernõ have taken the water out of the boat in the morning, it is still wet inside, thus until we reach the right spot I will keep the Stick Mix sticks in my pocket, and as soon as we get there I am going to hang them up, and lower the rig in the water! I am getting closer now! The black one will get to it! I fix it at the top as well. I flow back to the chosen area nice and slow. This is my left-side rig, I think it might be good here, this one gave fish very well at night too! I try to lower it down very quickly, ready! Ernõ is going to strain it for me from the shore, so I go now and place my other rig! It will be good here! So we would like to introduce in more detail the eight members of the Haldorádó Record Carp Stick Mix product line, which we are going to divide into two parts! There will be fish meal based, and fish meal free types! So let’s see these! Here is that three types in front of me, which share one mutual characteristic, namely that they include some fish meal. The first one is the Black Squid. It has almost the strongest, fish meal – squid flavour which is a real protein bomb! The next one is the Green Pepper! This is a moderately fish meal based variety that includes original green pepper extract, this is the most effective bait of cold water fishing! And finally the third one, the Spicy Red Liver. The particularity of this is that, besides fish meal, it includes liver extract in powdered form, and Robin Red as well! This is a real four-season bait! The five fish meal free mixture can be seen here on the table, but there is one odd-one-out amongst them! And it is no other than the Big Fish! There is one thing you have to know about this is that it is a sweet mixture, but it contains fish pellets in great quantities, thus making this bait truly unique. This is the well-known, most intense taste, which has already deceived many old carps! The next one is the Blue Fusion, which received a strong fruity, very sour aroma, which cannot be compared to anything else! The Blue Fusion is followed by the FermentX in the line. This bait has a fermented, acidulated taste flavour, which is most winning for carps and grass carps during the summer months! The next one, perhaps the sweetest member of the boilie product assortment is the Sweet Pineapple! This offers a universal, four-season solution for the anglers! And last but not least the Wild Tiger, which is a natural type flavour that contains high tiger nut content, which is the best solution on wild waters! I believe that it is apparent from this how broad the Haldorádó Carp assortment range is, but this is not that makes it unique or particular on the market! But that we offer not one single product but a complete palette from every flavour, namely one can find every product from baiting to feeding! Got it! This is what is not all the same! It has been in the water for 15 minutes perhaps… That was quick, Tomi! Fish are not here in front of us, are they?! This is the essence of searching for carps with Stick Mix, that is, that little stick must exert its influence right next to our bait, and that if it finds a hungry mouth, it will be eaten at once! It has let itself to be pulled out…
…and now it is doing a carnival here! It will be a nice one!
Good! Come on! That’s it!
How nice longish, common carp! Its mouth is a little bit ugly, I will disinfect the wound. This is a good dense gel, it gets stuck on its mouth. I hope it won’t be harmed! This is a fantastic, golden-yellow common carp, the first catch of the morning! It was worth refreshing the bait, I hope that the continuation will be similar as well! Basically only we can set a limit for the applications of the Stick Mix, since it can be used both for casting and when carrying in our rigs with a boat, only the diameter changes. In case of carrying our rig in with a boat we use the thicker 35 mm type, and when we need to cast, in favour of greater casting distance, we recommend the use of the 24 mm type, and also smaller ones, for example half this size. It is worth mentioning some thoughts in connection with the relationship of the attractant and the bait as well! It would seem obvious to use the same taste bait for the given PVA sticks, but in passive periods combined flavours can cause the biggest surprises! Such unusual combination could be one squid flavoured PVA stick with one piece of floating pineapple bait for example! Let’s say some words about the tackle too! We chose our tackle for this trip according to the not too big distance fishing, using a boat for carrying in our rigs, This consists of a three metres long Nevis Mytho rod, a free running size 60 reel from the same product line, it is perfectly suitable for fishing in this distance! We reeled 0.30 mm Record Carp Fluo Yellow line up to the spools of the reels, which we complemented with a size 0.55 mm leader line. This was necessary because of the shore playing of the fish and also because of the presence of clams in the water, but there were a few snags in the beginning as well, when the leader proved great help too! The end-rig consist of a 75 centimetres long leader, we put a lead snag onto this. We are talking about a common, popular type, onto which I tied my leader from a 25 lbs leader line and I completed with a little pop-up boilie. Let’s see what it looks like in the water! The principle of operation of this rig can be seen in the aquarium very well! As the Stick Mix attractant spread on the ground, in the middle with the little pineapple pop-up boilie, if a carp arrives to the fed spot here, and soaks up food within the area of the leader line, the little pineapple bait and the hook will slip into its mouth at the first place. It does not let me reel the line back! Now I can see the leader knot finally! It was worth changing towards the sweet flavour, because this fish ate the Big Fish combination! Well I think reality is on the mattress! Here is a beautiful common carp! I think it got hungry for the sweet bait within 20 minutes after the carrying in of the rig! Despite the fact that we apply this method late in the autumn, no one should think that searching for carps with Stick Mix sticks is only successful in this season. I myself also use this method willingly during the year if I have a little free time, even I have only 1-2 free hours for fishing only. Since success is hidden in one little PVA stick, and not in several buckets of groundbaits! As we turn the packet around, besides the boilie techniques we would have also liked to favour feeder fishermen as well, thus light tackle carp anglers can also use this product! I hope that the Haldorádó Stick Mix raised your attention, for us there is nothing else left to do than to continue fishing!
Continue fishing!

Nagy pontyok nyomában 16. rész – Stick Mix-es kereső pontyhorgászat
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