Nicole>>So today’s event is the last for Native American Heritage Month and it is the lacrosse demo. Then we are going to have a
presentation. We actually have Alfred Jacques who is the the lacrosse stick maker for the Haudenosaunee people, and it is really great just to meet him and see him make the sticks. And see what goes into
making one of the sticks. Jacques>>You can’t play the traditional game unless you have a wooden stick. In Onondaga our men, who are lacrosse players, they’re buried with their stick. It looks like this.
You take a stick with you to play lacrosse in the spirit world with your ancestors. If I didn’t keep making sticks, and people were buried with their sticks…
pretty quickly you’d run out of lacrosse sticks Somebody has to continue making lacrosse sticks. It’s all in the medicine. The medicine is all encompassing. Everybody in the nation is part of this game. This game is part of who we are as a people. It’s part of our religion.
It is a part of who we are. Nicole>>In everyday life something that they use me have come
from the Native American culture. Lacrosse is a popular sport! They might
not even know it. I think a lot of times I hear people think
‘I didn’t even know Native Americans still existed’… and this is just a way to say that ‘We are still here”. We have not gone anywhere.

Native American lacrosse stick maker visits RIT

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