hey guys it’s AsePlayer here a new stick
war legacy update is soon to be upon us and with it comes something that the
community has asked for for a long time which is of course giant skins if you
remember the official stick war discord you may have seen these teaser images
and I’m gonna about to show and if you want to be a part of the discord I will
make sure to link that in the description below so with these two
teaser images we can see a savage giant walking gif and a lava club they look
amazing and if the rest are like this the giant honestly hands-down has the
best skins in the game visually so not no word on exactly when these are coming
out it’s probably gonna be a couple weeks or more but they are on the way
and they do look amazing so rather than have just a 50-second video I’ve decided
I’m going to play a crown of an immortal tournament for you guys and I will be
using the arch Don avatar I believe I it’s one of my favorite ones
and I love the archer and my data kind of got deleted and stuff so I don’t have
everything so I’m just gonna be slowly grinding my way back up and in my
opinion the archer one is one of the best ones out there so I’m just gonna
rock it and see what I can do with it so really you can’t really go too wrong on
this game mode of course I’m gonna be spamming archers and such but really I
mean there’s like a ton of composition so you can do since there’s no early
game really involved you’re just immediately tossed into late-game you
can kind of just do whatever you want and I’ve decided to rock the archers so
as you can see the user control damage is just
Haring through that giant it’s already almost at half health and I’ve barely
done anything and it’s just really good avatar back in the day he used to be
like 300 percent or something and that was just absolutely insane
so it was toned down a bit but it’s still one of the best avatars out there
I mean for the most part I would say almost any avatar is pretty worth using
I’m not too sure about the minor one though because there are about two game
modes the super deathmatch of deathmatch that kind of make it irrelevant because
they didn’t get to really use minors during that and the other ones are kind
of universally but I mean you could also make that work
it’s honestly just up to personal preference and how you like to play now
the thing I am noticing is the Statue seems to have way more help than normal
and I think that’s because I upgraded my Statue health for some reason it is
decided to also upgrade the AI Statue help so it’s gonna be a little harder to
to get through there but nothing that a ton of archers in Spurgeon’s can’t
accomplish all right so we pushed them back quite a bit and now it just comes
down to taking down the statue before the reinforcements decide to prolong the
game and take down the statue and move on to round 2 with no problems all right
so next up we’re playing against crews and it’ll be gold rush so your cheat on
Avatar is a match made in heaven for gold rush because you can just so I mean
you don’t really need the Avatar but arch Don’s in general during gold rush
are amazing you can just kind of pick off the miners immediately with the
archer Don and it’s pretty strong and I will show that off now I guess so first
things first is to make sure the sword rat stops attacking my miner and after
that I’m allowed to Rica oh I guess my arch we got backstabbed let me just poke
that sword to death all right so minor setback we’re just gonna keel another
one and probably a couple and try that again I didn’t think I was in range for
that but I mistaked the distance and I got punished for it so just remember
guys always you know it’s better to be safe than sorry
I just backed off a little more my Archer would still be around but we’re
fine not gonna get one shot at through the
so I’ll tank that hit and now we’re basically just free to kill all the
miners and that should make pretty quick work of this AI now the spear Chen’s
gonna cause little bit issues but not really he’s focused on my miners right
now he’s not gonna be able to do as much damage as I’ve done at this point and I
also have a lot of archers firing now so definitely get those back shots in
though that free damage and he’s just kind of ignoring me and going from
miners so you’ll be able to just easily kill it I recommend you could push in
right now but personally I think it’s safer to back off like once you’ve once
the economy is crippled you don’t want to you don’t want to trigger the reinforcements when your army is not as
good as it could be because you could get destroyed over it but I mean I have
enough archers to the point where I wouldn’t be able stop the statue and I
know crews generally doesn’t have good strategies at all he just brings along
on upgrade to the sword wrath so I can’t just take that but remember that for
like finals and such you definitely do want to chill out for a second and not
completely rush in so same strategies before ever gonna rock the archers and
the sea urchins / tanks this time we’ll definitely be upgrading
the minor it is classic after all and there’s nothing better than a good ol
Archer Don start because you are able to cheese classic games immediately with an
archer if you just shoot across the map and shoot the miner in the back of the
head it’s such an easy free win because their economy just instantly crippled
and they can’t do anything about it so we’re gonna be aiming for that always
use the arrow to take a peek and what’s up and I was able to snipe that miner
which is already huge benefit to me this Sora graph is dead
that was just a free kill and there’s two more miners the enemy is
elected to stay back and you don’t want to do too much damage to the statue
otherwise you’ll trigger the reinforcements and you’re definitely not
ready for it yet with like three archers but I am gonna just keep them there so
they’re not mining and just be focusing on stacking archers and miners for the
meantime all right so they’re just signing to come out again so I’m just
gonna go back to picking off the miners and just kind of free pickings like the
sword I can’t really do anything about he can’t Kontest me he’s not even trying
to at this point he’s just trying to defend the miners as best he’s can and
he’s not really doing a good job so I’m just gonna basically kill all the miners
and there’s not really much that can be done to stop me now all I have to do is
get a good enough army to the point where reinforcements won’t overpower
what I have right now because we already have a free win you don’t want to just
toss it away now it’s just better to be a little more patient there’s nothing
wrong with it while I was looking away the peers to Bart just showed up and
killed my Archer but that’s okay still no miners and this second shots a little
harder but it is still easily doable you just have to aim slightly over the
sword Raph and then you can get that nice headshot and there we go so now
there’s nothing that can really stop us an attack
I’ll get another Archer Don rain on us but that’s not gonna stop us at all
because that statue is gonna go down almost immediately especially with all
the arches we have now you can see it’s going down way quicker when you don’t oh
great statue health so almost never upgrade statue health it doesn’t seem
worth it at all because it just makes your enemy
stronger and prolongs the game and actually gives the reinforcements of
saying go do something always remember to watch your ads and
double the gems and support the developers at the same time it’s a
win-win for everyone so we’re coming into finals and our
going against iris the MLG pro gamer and it should be a pretty tough fight of
course gonna keep going with the archers and we might use the giant so we’ll
bring them in our roll upgrade in just in case we decided to bring him in just
kind of thinking here nothing wrong with maxing of spirit in and I’ll trade
maxing is sword actually and I’ll just try to immediately wreak havoc on the
economy because although you do get all that gold you still have to wait for the
humans to come out so the best thing you could do is just send out a quick sword
before they even have a chance to make anything and just kill those miners and
really cripple the economy because the ad doesn’t really think about making
more miners they tend to just let the one stream the gold but carry them over
and with that we’re able to get the miners and that was weird I’ve never
seen that before it’s kind of a first either way
taking down a whole giant and the miners and another Giants on the way so for
this being finals this is a pretty bad strategy and I don’t know why
the AI is electing to do this because just spamming giants takes forever and
there’s like way better alternatives especially for the early game because
now a bunch of archers I can just easily pick off the giant and if worse comes to
worse castle Archer can take care of it as well
those two giants are not gonna wreak havoc on me as you can see one of them’s
already like halfway dead I forgot that the AO is extreme and I’m not able to
run past that so that’s my bad but these grants are at half a piece they’re
really not gonna survive at all so I’m not sure why the AI is electing to do is
they just keep sending Giants and the Giants takes so long to send as well so
you can never really get a decent army so I’m just gonna back off and allow my
archers to not get hit by the Giant and then zoom all those juicy back shots
gotta love them and now the AI is deciding to make new things but it’s a
little late because now they are like 6000 gold down and I’ve barely lost any
trips I lost like maybe 900 gold worth so I’m definitely weighing the positive
right now and there’s nothing that could really be done to stop me I just make
sure to skip Lee snipe those archers and imagine I kill in the back to make your
life way easier and I would just really get away for some spirit ins because I
don’t want to lose everyone in Castle archers another arrow rain actually took
out quite a few of my archers but not a big deal I have like an extreme
advantage now and there’s nothing that can really stop me alright so we’re
gonna take control the giant and lead him up front so that way he reaches the
statues the same time as everyone else and we are going to close this one out
and there’s not really anything and that could possibly go wrong right now the
giant itself could just take down this thing but you know it might as well if
you have the gold don’t waste to just go overkill because
why not when you ever have like 10,000 gold on
you so we take down this opponent and we may be insane so there we go the archer
avatar reigns supreme today and we have won so thank you guys for watching I’m
gonna try and post a little more frequently now that I’m on summer
vacation and with all these updates coming soon it’s a pretty exciting time
for stick for a legacy thank you guys for watching and waiting and I will see
you guys in the next one bye


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