He’s snuffled there and now it goes across to Baker Baker gets away, keeps it alive Back in field it comes, back to Baker Is there anything this man can’t do? Every time someone asked me that what do
you want to do when you grow up I just say play football and there was always
like you need to do something else you need to have a back-up plan I never had
a back-up plan I just thought of playing football was the only option only thing
I knew of the only thing I wanted to do I was in college part of like my fifth
sixth game of the season and I was blocking and the pile fell on my leg
and I felt like a pop but I didn’t think anything of it I just felt pain but then
I’ve dealt with that the entire season now I’m done with college I’m prepping
for the NFL and I went through all these trainings for different teams and then
the day that we do physicals and that’s when I found out I had a torn meniscus
in my right knee so before I can sign any contracts before they can say I want
to pay you they were like you’re broken so see you you out of here with football
kind of did took like two or three years after the fact for me to get to that
point where my football career is gonna be over and then within like a year of
really trying to learn rugby and play the game of rugby I I came to a point
where I’m like I have to go find a job now visit being an athlete and playing
sports the days are over for me now because I wasn’t getting a chance to
come in to the USA squad and try out for the rugby team and I’m and where I was
that I felt like I reached my peak and I wasn’t making any money you know I had
no income at the time so started working little side job the low
part of my life were like times where I had nowhere to go
and then living in a and a two-bedroom apartment were like twelve guys in there
I was sleeping in my truck sometimes because the guy who owned the coach he would come back
from college and sleep on the couch now is his couch so now I’m like where do I? I
go sleep in my trunk so that’s why I slept in my truck I didn’t want to go back to
Florida I want to learn the game of rugby I wanted to play rugby Ahhh this is just unbelievable He is the business Perry Baker me coming over to rugby and joining this
great sport it just helped me what life like teaches you lessons and things like
how you respond to things in life like everything’s not gonna go as you plan it
you know so it’s like either I’m gonna lay down and say my luck my career my
life is over no he’s got to keep going keep going
stay driven and stay focused stay stay hungry
have that drive man having people that might want to also believe in me just
hey we not gonna let you give up we’re not gonna let you give up
I saw the tail says it takes one person that you believe yourself and it only
takes one person to see you or believe in you then you can do it that’s all it
takes I got a phone call and they was like hey
rugby’s on TV and go look at this guy Cecil Africa I’m like okay so I check him out cuz I was always
told like I’m too little to play rugby I’m too small I don’t wear
enough but when I watch Cecil and it inspired me instantly like this dude is amazing when I finally got the meet him I was like man I just want to let you know you inspired me to play this game so when I watched him in that Vegas tournament that’s when it was like wow, I know I can do this thing that’s
when I really believe I can do this to be on the field with him when you can
you know if you get a little bit of space and you can pop it out to him just
watch him go it’s something else for sure I like to take my time a lot of things
man like I got the nickname slow bro with Carlin because we take our time with
everything the last one out of the room the last one to come to the lunch or
dinner whatever the case may be so I’m only fast when I’m on the pitch I guess
what I have to be I can be fast. The thing about Perry man he loves to share knowledge he loves to
give back he loves you know other people around till they do better she shared a
lot you know with me help my game grow show me different angles give me a
different option and things to look at where I’m on the field fight without
those other guys I wouldn’t be here get rid of the other six get rid of the guys
on the biz get rid of coaching staff it wouldn’t be me you know so with those
guys that’s why I’m here you guys you’ve done so many great things and I’m just
glad that I get to be alongside and rather than across from him Even if I’d never met you I’m gonna tell you I believe in you why because I can’t tell you your dream is not gonna
come true I don’t know that but I can take you work harder try for it you can
reach your dream I’m a witness of that I’m a true believer of that like it happened to me it can happen to you

NFL heartbreak to best rugby player in the world – Perry Baker
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