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hi I’m Donna from art craft crazy and today I’m showing you a non-stick craft
mat substitute now I’ve got three different substitutes for you now
traditionally you would use a craft mat like this so you can paint on them or
you can put glue directly on them like I’ve got on here now the first one is I’ve got some
self-adhesive vinyl I actually made this box out of a recycled Pringles box I’ve
got the video here for you so once I cut out what I needed for this instead of
throwing out what’s left over when I peel off the back the backing off the
vinyl you’re left with this piece just turn it over and you can use that as a
craft mat so you’ve got this nonstick surface it works really good, there’s one
idea. you have a second one I’m going to show you is just baking paper now it’s
got to be nonstick so just make sure you get any sort of baking paper can be wax
paper I’m not sure what other names that might have but as long as it’s nonstick
now on this paper I’ve put four glues, I’ve put a craft glue which is a white
glue, a glossy accents, a 450 quick dry adhesive and the e6000 now all of these
glues if they dried on this paper I’ll be able to pick them off and take them
off at the moment I think that one’s knowledge oh look at that that’s the
e6000 that’s been on there a while and I can just pick it straight off
it just does not stick on there so I can pull out a piece of this baking paper
put it on my work surface and whatever I’m working on jewelry or anything
that’s metal that I need to use the e6000 I can work on this surface and
know that I can not ruin any other surface and I can just pick it straight
off then I’ve got the quick dry same thing it just comes straight off and the
glossy accents yep that’s dry as well oh it’s nilly dry
it’s a little bit wet there but you can see it comes off and the craft glue, I
think that might still yeah, that’s still a little bit wet, but it will come off if
I wiped it off I’ll just get a baby wipe and try that one now you can use this a few times, I
always make sure I use it over and over if I was going to use this baking paper
and the same with the vinyl backing you can use this over and over it’s pretty
good for that. Now the third one is this surface that you’re looking at here,
now this is a floor mat that I’ve got from an office supplies in Australia I
actually got the tip from a channel on YouTube and the channel name is “Maremi Small Art” and her name is Marta and she came up with this idea so I’ll just give
you a quick look at this mat all of these is a floor mat and it’s clear so
it’s clear on its gold the one I got it’s got a little bit of a rough side
there so I put it on the bottom and the top side is totally smooth it’s very
smooth and I put a piece of foam board underneath it
now there’s the foam board just your regular foam board and it’s a very large
sheet that the mat measures 1200 by 900 which is around about all but 4 foot by
3 foot so unless you’ve got a white table you could put this floor mat
straight over the top where I had a timber table so I’ll put the foam board
down first this is ideal you can paint on this I’ve spilt glue on this and it
wipes straight off so there’s the three alternatives you can use the baking
paper the contact paper, the backing sheet or
you can use directly on this floor protection plastic mat that, usually
you would put your office chair on and slide around to protect your floor now
there my quick tip for a substitute craft mat… I’m Donna from art craft crazy
thanks for watching and bye for now music playing

non stick craft mat substitute

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