I’m here Kreitzberg arena, you’re watching
Norwich Television and I’m here with Rich Schneider. What’s the thing you
enjoy most about Norwich Hockey? Winning. What do you enjoy most about Norwich Hockey. The goals of course, Jim. Never really watched hockey before I came here, and then I came to Norwich and got really into it. I like that there’s a lot of people at
the games and everyone gets involved uh you know I’m just stoked to be out here
with the boys let me get NORWICH. the excitement the fans the
crowds it’s awesome I like to come here and you know kind of relate back to my
past and see what I could be doing The difference between d3 and d1 is
minimal. It’s fun to come out and watch watch the boys bang. that’s all
that needs to be said

Norwich Hockey – Ask the Fans
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  • February 25, 2019 at 7:33 pm

    thanks jim.


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