Sun and good weather
is usually the preference for most summer sports but this NZ team are looking
for a cooler option. NZ is hosting the NZ U20’s
Ice Hockey World Champs and the NZ side are keen
to make an improvement on last year’s performance. Sharp skates and sharp minds
are the tools needed for this game. He’s one of four Maori athletes
in the NZ U20’s squad, and also captain. Ice hockey runs in the blood
of the Henare family and their dedication to the sport
has brought successful. Tonight, the NZ U20’s team will take on Bulgaria in their
first game of the world champs. In Mexico last year, they beat Bulgaria and
they’re hoping for a repeat. The last time NZ won the world
champs was in 2008 and last year, the boys finished second to last. The Round Robin games
finish this Sunday and NZ hope to come out on top. Rapaera Tawhai, Te Karere.

NZ hosts U20’s Ice Hockey World Champs
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