Here we have another drill in the forward-agility series. In this one you would be focusing on quick
movements. We have our weighted stick here to work on getting our stick in the right
passing lane and again we are working on forward, in a little bit, to backward this time as
well. So we are working on different movement patterns that forwards are going to see in a game. What you want to do here, is sprint to the
first cone. We are going to cut to this cone, just like you are on a forward check. Hold,
step backwards, just like we are coming back here and having to adjust when we get to this
cone. Forwards again, turning to inside, forwards and then all the way through. So, just like you see in different movement
patterns in a game in different situations in a game, we have to go forward the backward whether you are on forward check or a back-check. That is what we are working on right now in
making sure that we get our stick moving with us in the right passing lanes. So, the same thing you are going to do on
the other side. She (the stick) will be here. Cut – back – back – back – forwards – turn
to the inside – forwards – come through. Make sure that when you are making those cuts in your coming back, returning to your opening up, I want you to picture in your mind that
you are turning and coming back like kind of a back-check or a forward-check. We are trying to take away a passing lane
across, that is why we are always moving with a stick leading the way in coming in front
of us and not having it up here or taking it behind us. The stick turns and leands way,
as soon as you stop and change directions.

Off-Ice Hockey Training – Agility for Forwards
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