One thing you have done by performing so well
in the group stages is earned the right to be here, earned the right to home quarter
final at BT Murrayfield. There’s over 32,000 tickets already sold but you’ll want to pack
this place with as many Edinburgh fans as possible, give you that real home advantage. Yeah I was lucky enough to play in the last
quarter final here and its something that ill always remember even at the end of my
career it was a really special day. You’re used to, you’ve played in here in test matches
and its always such a special atmosphere but to play in here week in week out with Edinburgh
where the atmosphere can be good but its a half empty stadium and to have the Edinburgh
jersey on and to look round at what felt like a full stadium although you know there was
still a few empty seats it felt like a full stadium was something really special and I
know the boys back then, we took a huge buzz from when we actually got on the pitch cause
we’re so used to playing with it half empty. Its a point of difference isn’t it, it’s when
you run out that tunnel and instead of there being 6, 7, 8000 here there’s pushing 40,000
and the noise will hit these guys now some of the guys they wont have played international matches here so instantly it’ll lift them up a level as well. Yeah and I think that’s what i’m excited for,
to experience that again with the boys that you have, that you train day in day out with
and i’m excited for the boys that haven’t had the chance to experience that y’know i’m
sure if they’re not looking forward to this game already when they get here and start
warming up and start realising that its going to be special on Saturday.

Official Scottish Rugby Podcast | European Quarter Final Special | Grant Gilchrist
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