You spend four years working
towards this moment. Froese against Manchester. If he scores this they’re
there. And he’s done it! Canada have beaten the
Black Sticks. For it to come down to one shot. Just how it all happened,
I almost see it as a definiton of a miracle. Adam Froese, who can believe
he finally puts one in. Every time I walk on the field, it doesn’t matter what else
is going on. It’s pretty special. When you’re a part of something
that brings so much joy to you, having to leave that, it’s not easy. With field hockey, it’s
not as high profile as some of the other sports. It just doesn’t sustain a
full time living. It’s difficult when you spend
so much time doing that. That’s what people
recognize you as and you go out, you meet
people, and they always ask “How’s hockey?” And to take a step out
of that environment, people don’t ask you
how’s hockey anymore. I guess you could say I was
in a bit of an identity crisis. I had to find acceptance in the
decisions I was about to make. There are a couple of words that I wrote up on a
whiteboard one evening. Those were characteristics
that I define myself as in my sporting career. I was like, “Well what is it
about those words?” “Can you find that in
something else?” I loved business, I loved
economics, and I loved finance and to recognize that this is
what the next step looks like. When I first started at
Deloitte, day one was scary. There are new challenges
that have come up and persevering through those
are what ultimately makes that whole journey special. Athletes come out
of their sporting careers and they think, “I have
no work experience.” “Who is going to want to hire
an athlete?” However, there are
so many corporations that look at the characteristics
of athletes and say, “I want that in my employee.” I needed somebody to instill
that confidence in me, as a lot of athletes do,
that you have worth. You’ve recieved a PhD
in something that not a lot of people have. I firmly believe that,
you’re able to find your passion in a multitude
of different things.

Olympian Adam Froese is Loving Life After Field Hockey
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