G’day, my name’s David Guest and I’m
an Australian hockey player with the Kookaburras. I’m an Australian Institute of Sport scholarship
holder, and also a Tasmanian Institute of Sport scholarship holder. Currently I’m
studying physiotherapy at Curtin University in Perth and it’s going really well. ACE helped out, when I went to them and decided
that I wanted to go back to university and wanted to get into some study and they were
just really helpful in getting my foot in the door and opening up opportunities for
me to start studying again; so undoubtedly I wouldn’t have gotten into physiotherapy
if it hadn’t have been for the ACE Services. You know, hopefully I will be able to finish
my degree in the next four to five years, so then I will have something in place to
jump into once I’m finished my hockey career. So I think it’s really important that whilst
you’re playing a sport that you’re doing something else. ACE Services isn’t like a one-stop-shop;
with ACE and my circumstances would be totally different to another athlete’s and you’ve
got to actually go to the ACE Service and say “Look, this is what I want to do”
and that’s when they can help you. If they’ve got an understanding of what you’d like
to do, then they’ve got the scope to put you in the right direction; they’ll tailor
a program to each and every athlete on what they want to do and what the training involved.
There’s a lot of scope out there for them to cater for a lot of different athletes from
a lot of different sports.

Olympic medallist Hockey player David Guest on Athlete Career and Education
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