New equipment, new players and a new season
as the Pandas Rugby team come out of training camp with a promising line-up. “This year we able to have a nice training camp and then an exhibition
game earlier this week and you can tell already that we have amazing team
chemistry we’re already working together really well and I think now we’re ready
to go out on the pitch on Sunday and just play as many hearts with one beat
we’ve always done like a go away camp and we didn’t do that last year so we
did that this year and like it’s already made such a huge difference I think in
our like this feeling of our team Communication is something that girls
won’t have to worry about as having a chance to bond and practice with one
another meant that the players can prepare mentally and physically together. “Yeah so a last season obviously it was a big it was really sort of an experience
that a really big turnover and my biggest and probably my best first year
recruitment but they’re still first-year so the great thing about this year is
that they’re all coming back year more experienced to you hopefully fitter and
stronger.” The girls can definitely show their strength as you have six games
this season compared to four last year. not only more games but they host for
the Canada West Championship in October. “It’s very exciting especially since
our season is so short we usually only have one home game but this year we have
two home games and then as well we are hosting Canada West so it’s going to be
amazing having as many home games as we have had League games in the previous
years and being able to have our fans come out and support us I think will
help cheer us on.” “I think it just gives us more opportunity to work on what we
need to work on as a team it’s just always an opportunity to grow and learn
from the game so as much playing as we can get is the best we can ask for.” With home soil and a confident team, things are looking pretty promising for the pandas this season. “Last year I did notice that we played our best game when we
played at home so it made me think that the girls actually quite liked playing
and you know on campus in front of their friends and family.” “Make sure you check
out the pandas first home game this Sunday on the 9th against Lethbridge. For Golden Bears and Pandas, I’m Odell Nelson.

Pandas Rugby ’18-19 Season Preview
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