♪ La, la, la
do, do, do ♪ MAN:
Pearlie is in the park. ♪ Magic in the city ♪ ♪ Over the rainbow
at the end of the street ♪ ♪ Is Jubilee Park
where the fairies meet ♪ ♪ Away from traffic
and the neon scene ♪ ♪ Doing the magic
keeping it green ♪ ♪ Fairies, elves
goblins too ♪ ♪ You can’t see us
but we see you ♪ ♪ So watch your step
with your person feet ♪ ♪ Over the rainbow
at the end of the street ♪ ♪ Now twinkle, now sparkle
now glimmer-glitter shine ♪ ♪ Swing your wings ♪ ♪ Ring-a-ding ♪ ♪ Magic in the city ♪ ♪ Pearlie is in the park ♪ ♪ Magic in the city ♪ Yoo-hoo! ♪ La, la, la
do, do, do ♪ ♪ Fairy dustin’
we’re bustin’ ♪ ♪ Fairy twinkle
when you glow ♪ ♪ Make it bustin’ ♪ ♪ Make it pretty ♪ ♪ Magic in the city ♪ ♪ Magic in the city ♪ MAN:
Pearlie is in the park. ♪ Magic in the city ♪ (Horns honking) (Quacking) Those cheeky ducks just love
making a mess of the slide. Perfect! Pearlie, Pearlie, Pearlie. There’s no such thing
as perfect. You should know that. Of course there is, Saphira! Perfection is all around us. Oh, dear, you must have
missed a spot. Bad, bad ducks. Don’t fret, Saphira! All fixed! The slides
aren’t even your job! It never hurts to go the extra
mile in pursuit of perfection! (Gasping) The light!
Make it stop! (Screaming) Ah, look out! Oh, no, no, no… Oh, Honestly. (Groaning) Oh, my goodness,
I’m so sorry– Handsome. Handsome. I saw him first. Oh… You’ll have to forgive
my cousin’s negligence. I really am sorry,
I didn’t mean to hurt you! Here, let me take a look
at that bump. Pearlie, please.
Give him some room. My name is Saphira.
Here, have a rose-petal zinger. Thank you. But do you
have it in sugar-free? I’m a tooth fairy. (Glass breaking) Finn’s the name. A tooth fairy? And dental hygiene
enthusiast. Just like my father,
and his father, and his father, and his father,
and his father. Whoa… Such an impressive lineage. How on earth
am I supposed to read my list with everything spinning
so fast? You’re a list maker! A day at my spa
will bring you back to life. I’m afraid I can’t stay. Oh.
I have teeth to collect tonight. Otherwise, the small persons
will stop believing, and I’d hate
to be responsible for that. Whoa. I could step in
as your replacement while you’re recovering! I- I suppose
that’s one solution. It’s an excellent solution,
Pearlie. It would be my pleasure
to look after Finn. It’s settled, then. I’ll collect the teeth while
you rest up and get better. You’ll, uh–
You’ll need these. I’m on it! Great Aunt Garnet, do you have
anything a little more, uh, blue? Something a male tooth fairy
might like? I need to replace
this old thing. But why on earth would you want
something for a tooth fairy? Um, I might’ve
accidentally injured one? Okay, I did.
But I’m going to make up for it. I’m filling in for him! But Pearlie,
that’s as crazy as a daisy filling in for
a daffodil. Don’t worry about a thing,
Great Aunt Garnet. I can remember the tooth fairy
lectures like it was yesterday. WOMAN:
Perfect, Pearlie! I’ll be fine!
Huh? Not to mention fashionable! Thanks so much. And so, we’re going to be
tooth fairies! Don’t you mean tooth-elf? By jingoes,
we’ll have to be careful. It’s all under control,
Opal. The collecting
happens at night, when the small persons
are sleeping. Hey, nice bag. Oh, isn’t it? It’s a present for Finn. We can’t have a tooth fairy
running around with a cruddy old rag
like this. Not that one.
That one. It’s totally vintage. You can say that again. The best place for
this old thing is in the trash! Oof! I’m blind!
I’m blind! You’ve got a bag on your head,
nincompoop. There’s something else
in here. Is it a stale doughnut?
A half-eaten cheeseburger? Some ginger-nut cookies? Nah. Just more of these
shiny round things. (Yelling) I’ll just apply
this glow-worm cool-pack. There. I must say,
it’s so nice to have distinguished company
for a change. What am I,
if not distinguished? Now, what can I get you? We have water-lily shortcake,
rose petal muffins? Oh, heavens, no. There’s far too much sugar
in those, not good for the dentin,
not to mention the enamel. Nope. Just a lukewarm cup
of dew for me, thank you. Of course. One lukewarm cup
of dew coming right up. Ludwig! Oh, yes,
right away, mistress! That fancy pants
tooth fairy drops in, and suddenly I’m nothing more
than a slave! Okay, this is the place. Okey doke, grab the tooth,
then we’re out of here. Okay. There’s nothing there. This doesn’t make sense. This small person
is definitely on the list. Maybe you didn’t
reach under there far enough. I’m good at this,
Jasper. I used to stay up all night
practicing! Guys?
It’s in there. What’s it doing
in there? Let’s just get it out. Whoa.
What are these things made of? Awesome job, Jasper.
This is too easy. Okay, who’s next
on the list? (Both yelling) What most fairies
don’t understand about teeth is that the enamel
on the outside is even stronger
than bone. Really. Interesting, isn’t it? Fascinating, even. Do go on, Master Finn. Did you know the strength
of the enamel isn’t uniform? In some places it’s thick,
in some places it’s thin. Here you go, Finn! Wonderful, Pearlie.
Thank you! My, my, you have been
a busy boy, haven’t you? Oh, I’m afraid I can’t take
credit, Gobsmack. Pearlie is covering
my shift tonight. In that case,
this summons is for you, dear. Summons? “You have failed
in your duty as a tooth fairy, “by breaking the number one rule
of tooth collection. “You are hereby ordered to
appear before the Fairy Council, on the charge
of Grand Theft, Dental.” Where are the gold coins,
missy? What gold coins? The endless supply
in my magic sack! That raggedy old thing
is magic? It’s centuries old! It’s been passed down
through generations, from my father’s father,
to my father, to me. I just– I thought
you might like a nice new one, so I sort of
went shopping. (Gasping) So you didn’t leave
the small persons a gold coin? No. And my magic sack? Oh, no! If you don’t leave children a
coin, they will stop believing! They’ll stop believing
in the tooth fairy! In me. PEARLIE:
I’m so, so,
so sorry! I had no idea
I was supposed to leave anything
in exchange for the teeth! They’re teeth! Perfectly crafted,
yet functional units made up of
enamel and dentin, tailor-made
for each individual child. Did you think they’d just
give them away? Oh. How could I have forgotten
something so important? They did cover this
in some detail at Fairy School. Oh, no. The most important thing
to remember about being a tooth fairy
is that you must leave a gold coin
for every tooth! It was the one time
I fell asleep, and only because
I’d stayed up all night practicing
my tooth retrieval technique! (Sighing) I’ll fix it, Finn. I promise! Haven’t you done enough? Please believe me.
I’ll make everything right. Not so perfect now,
are you, Pearlie? (Laughing) Brilliant Chill out, Pearlie.
It’ll show up. I need that bag. I have to deliver gold coins
to all those small persons before the sun comes up! It doesn’t make any sense. Who’d take something out of
a smelly old bin? (Laughing) All right! Stop right there! That sack’s been passed down
from generation to generation, it’s not a toy. What was it doing in the trash? Long story.
May I? Uh-uh-uh.
Not so fast. What is it that we get
in the exchange? Butterfly cakes and dew drop
jellies: all you can eat. My place,
tomorrow morning. Deal. We owe this little person
big-time! (Yawning) She’s waking up! Whoa!
Whoa, turbulence! Opal! CHILD:
There really is a tooth fairy! Okay, we’ve got lots more coins
to deliver before dawn! Man, this
tooth-fairy business is starting to feel like
hard work. Of course,
as strong as it might be, enamel is also
quite brittle. You don’t say. Oh, mistress, I have a gift for you. Is it a ‘mute’ button? Not quite.
Earplugs. I could kiss you right now,
Ludwig. Oh, this is so sudden! In fact, on its own,
enamel is subject to cracking, even when very little force
is applied. And that’s where
dentin comes in. PEARLIE:
There you go, Finn. Every person on the list
has gold coins. My magic sack.
Wonderful, Pearlie! The Fairy Council
have retracted their summons, and instead
wanted you to be c-congratulated. What?! Congratulated? Apparently, small persons
are very pleased with the increased coinage.
The tooth fairy’s been voted the most popular fairy
of all time! Pearlie!
You couldn’t have done a more perfect job
if you’d tried! Thank you.
Now, please, join us everyone
for some breakfast. Saphira and I were just
discussing dental hygiene. Excuse us, Finn.
Fairies to see, things to do. Ludwig? Yes, mistress! And I must get back to
my real duties. The park won’t open
by itself! Well, then, it’s just us,
Gobsmack, old chap. Uh– Oh, my. Look at those
discolored canines. And your molars
are all rotten! We have to do something
quick. (Yelling) Don’t worry. All tooth fairies
are also qualified dentists. Now open up and say “Ah.” Ow!
That one hurt! (Humming) What?
Crikey! Pearlie.
What’s up,, mate? Oh, roots and twigs. I can’t find it. Can’t find what? Very, very curious. Oh, Opal. I’ve looked everywhere
and it’s not here. Now, now, don’t get
your wings in a tangle. Just settle down.
What’s gone missing? My wand.
I can’t find my wand! Oh. Crikey. Hmm. Time for Ludwig
to make a little investigation. This is a disaster. You remember what we learned
at Fairy School. Sure do.
Fairy Rule number 2: IN UNISON:
All things magic,
dust, wing and wand, we keep them close,
this is our bond. If my wand is gone,
my magic is gone too. Oh, Mistress Saphira
will be most greatly amused. Oh, boy. (Screaming) Right-io. Think back.
When did you have it last? I had it yesterday. First, there was
a tad of possum magic. Then a smidge
of grass greening. That’s it.
I ran into Fern, the forest wood nymph. (Both grunting) I must have dropped my wand
when we bumped. There ya go.
Let’s go have a look-see. Your– Yes, I know, ‘your gracious beautiful
magnificence’, blah blah blah. Spit it out. (Straining) Is it even more about
how wonderful you think I am? It had better not be
happy, happy news about perky cousin Pearlie. (Laughing) Ooh. Is it awful, terrible news
about perky cousin Pearlie? (Laughing) Now you’re talking. So, start talking. She’s… lost her wand. (Laughing) You mean, she’s broken
Fairy Rule Number 2? Brilliant!
No wand means no magic. Pearlie can’t go around
making everything cutesy-wutsie. It’s so annoying. Pack up the lounger
and picnic basket, Ludwig. Let’s view this fiasco
from front-row seats. Oh, yes.
Right away, mistress. I think I dropped my wand
around here yesterday. I don’t see it anywhere,
Pearl. (Laughing) Quit doin’ that.
Gimme! Why, you–
I oughtta… (Laughing) Uh-oh. Scrag. It wasn’t me.
I didn’t find no wand. Um, I… It’s a wand, but it’s not
your wand, Pearlie. Yours is way more bling. You’re right.
No pearls. This has to belong to that
dear little wood nymph, Fern. I’ll take that. (Both groaning) If this is Fern’s wand, maybe
she picked up mine by accident. We’d better go and find
this Fern. Hopefully she’ll still be
in the park somewhere. I’ll just use this wand
until mine shows up. You sure
you know how to use it? Oh, a wand is a wand
is a wand. I’ll figure it out
as I go. Pearlie! Oh. Ha-ha. Isn’t that adorable? Now, what needs sprucing up? What is she doing, waving
that hideous thing around? Ludwig, my glasses. Ooh, it’s a wood-nymph wand. This should be
very entertaining. All righty,
here goes. Terrific. You and I are gonna
get along just fine. Drat.
A big Pearlie fairy-flop would have really
made my day. Ooh, but look at
the flowers now. Fantastic.
That wand is out of control, and she doesn’t even know it. Ludwig,
follow that fairy. Right away, mistress. Good morning,
ladies. Ooh, the grass needs
a teeny facelift. Good one. Whoa! (Screaming) Ludwig! Phew.
All done. Look behind you, Pearlie.
Look behind you. Pearlie! Hi, Opal. Did you find Fern? Pearlie,
don’t look now, but– (Gasping) Ah, my park! What have I done? (Laughing) This is the best day
of my life. Hi.
Are you bird watching? It is so relaxing. Shoo. Shoo. Could you tell me
where I can find Pearlie? I think I have her wand. (Gasping) Hello, there. I’m Saphira.
And you are? Fern.
Um, I’m looking for Pearlie. Is she here? Pearlie is
my dear, dear cousin. What a shame
she’s not here. She’s gone to, uh, somewhere
terribly far away. Why don’t you let me
take that wand, and I’ll give it back to her? Oh, no. I’ll just wait
until she returns. You see, I think she has
my wand by mistake. Well,
while you’re waiting, would you like to spend the
afternoon in my luxurious spa? No, thanks. You wouldn’t like
a wing polish? No, no.
I don’t do cosmetic procedures. What? I–
What?! I think everyone’s beautiful
just as they are. All I need is the trees. Their sweet, soft bark. That’s just
lovely. Nature and all that. I totally agree
with you. Nice tree. Come in for
a cup of dandelion tea, and we can talk about trees and bugs and things. Some of my best friends
are bugs. I bet they are. (Quacking) I’m so sorry. I’ll try
to clear them out. What about
your magic lasso thing-o? It can’t fix anything
like this, mate. I’m just going to have to
get this wand to work right. Interesting. Interesting, but I’m going to look for
Fern again. I’m gonna have
an elf-to-plant chat with the vines
in the fountain. Thanks, guys. I’m going
to keep working on this. RATS:
Pearlie! Scrag?
Mr. Flea? Is that you? The moss kept
growing and growing and– And the leaves too. And itchy. We should never have
messed with that wand. We’re sorry, Miss Pearlie. Please,
can you help us? And don’t you just love the
sound of wind in the leaves? Fantastic. I’m just going to do a little
meditating, if you don’t mind. No. Not at all. Ohm… Mistress,
shall I throw her out? No, you bat-brain. If we can get our hands on
Pearlie’s wand, we can de-magic it. De-magic? Hot boiling fairy glimmer
short-circuits wands. (Buzzing) No more Pearlie magic. A-ha! Hot boiling fairy glimmer,
coming right up. Bu-u-ugs. Surely you’d be
more comfortable without that lovely bag. No, no, I’m good. Ohm… Super. I’m getting
the hang of this wand now. I think you look very nice. Ah.
Distinguished. (Imitating Elvis):
Thank ya very much,
Miss Pearlie. You’re very welcome,
Mr. Flea. Now I know how
to fix up the park. I’ll see you later. ♪ Love, peace, trees, ohm ♪ ♪ Love, peace, trees, ohm ♪ So, whaddaya say? How about
backing off a bit? Pretty please,
with jam on top? Good work, Jasper. No Problem.
Just had to ask nicely. I can’t find Fern anywhere. Oh, the vines said she was– I’ve got it. I know how to get Jubilee Park
in tip-top order again. I don’t have to
get rid of the plants, I have to work with them.
Watch. Nice. Sweet. All righty, then. Totally festive. Ripper. (Quacking) Epic! Oh, it was nothing, really. I just wish I could find Fern
and my own wand. Oh, yeah. The vines said they saw her
going off with Saphira. I’ll bet cousin Saphira
is treating her to a spa day. Oh, isn’t that sweet? Sweet?
Saphira? That doesn’t sound right.
We’d better get over there now. Oh, Dear. ♪ Love, peace ♪ ♪ Trees… ♪ Farewell, dear wand. No more Pearlie magic
for you. Stop! I got it! (Yelling) I got it! (Growling) (Screaming) Thank you. Don’t you know that boiling
glimmer can de-magic a wand? I know nothing. Ludwig, you fool. I don’t know what goes on in
his little pea-brain sometimes. It’s a mystery. Uh, hi.
You must be Fern. Peace. I think I’ve got something
of yours here. Oh, thank you so much. But I’ve still got
two leafy rats to fix. Saphira offered me
a spa treatment. Maybe they’d enjoy that? (Groaning) Does a scalp massage
come with the trim? Ew! (Laughing) ♪

Pearlie – Tooth Affairy / Trick in the Stick

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